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Hellsvacancy1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

The BBC wtf, please no

For those that live outside the UK the BBC make us (not me) PAY for a TV licence, yep, you need a license to watch the TV in England, how messed up is that, and people actually pay it

And the actual programmes they make the VAST majority of them are complete crap

If this is real and not a gag it'll be nothing like GTA, maybe a car will get stolen but that will be about it

anticlimax1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Or it's about a starting criminal working as a car thief and slowly building his way up the ranks, doing heists and murdering opposing gangs.

(It could also be about someone chasing and killing elvis gangs with a car)

Either way, the BBC usually makes pretty great series and programs, so they're worth every penny.

*edit apparantly it's about developing GTA, which I find a little disappointing, but we'll see

Mr Pumblechook1048d ago

Hells vacancy said "If this is real and not a gag it'll be nothing like GTA, maybe a car will get stolen but that will be about it."

I think the confusion comes from the poor article headline. It's not a GTA drama set in Los Santos with Trevor and Michael etc, it's a drama about the MAKING OF GTA.

Hellsvacancy1047d ago


I did wonder, wasn't sure what to thin, the BBC can make a make a good documentary, I used to love watching Horizon until it went normal due to complaints that it's always about space/science

rainslacker1047d ago

I'm sure the criminal will be quite polite while stealing cars and killing hookers.:)

Immorals1048d ago

I have no issues paying for an advert free group of TV channels, with a high standard of programming.

pompombrum1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

The issue isn't with what you're prepared to pay for, it's a case you HAVE to pay for even if you don't watch any of their shows.

BBC is by far the worst choice for doing GTA, sure they do make some good shows but they are always so focused on not offending people and GTA is about as offensive a mainstream series as you can get. It would be like Michael Bay directing a Kurosawa remake or something.

Phoenix761048d ago

@aibreeze,The issue isn't with what you're prepared to pay for, it's a case you HAVE to pay for even if you don't watch any of their shows.

Worse than that mate is the fact that even if u do NOT own a TV, but use another device to view programs, you MUST have a license!!!

We live in rip off Britain :-(

gosukyomomma1048d ago

Well more fool you because i still have a tv and live in the uk but lawfully do not have to pay tv license and anyone who does is an idiot in my opinion. The bbc are the people who strategically witheld information about a number of paedophiles who worked there and on that basis i will never pay a tv license again

wallis1048d ago

David Attenborough's documentaries, Top Gear, Blackadder, Orphan Black, Luther, The Fall, The Office, Sherlock, Life on Mars, Monty Python, Doctor Who, Fawlty Towers...

Personally I don't agree with the TV license system either, but I also disagree with the assertion that the BBC is inherently 'crap'. I would really recommend the Fall and Luther to anyone interested in crime dramas because I think they're some of the best shows in the genre. On top of those the BBC has historically produced some fantastic and culturally enduring shows which have a great significance to not just the UK, but many other countries as well (I really enjoyed the US office).

In summation - yes the TV license sucks, don't let it fool you into thinking that BBC shows inherently suck as well.

FromTheAshes1048d ago

I've compared the educational and informational television quality of the U.S. and the U.K. and let me tell you...U.K. based TV is worth the price...Unless you like America's Next Top Model/Singer/Criminal/Corrupt Politician/Dancer/Porn Star/Idiot, then by all means...Free U.S based programming is the way to go.

Fishy Fingers1048d ago

As a licence fee payer I feel like I get my monies worth when you consider the TV/radio/Internet it covers. While 90% of the stuff I watch is streamed online when I do watch terrestrial TV the ads drive me insane, that's the best thing about the BBC.

Bit off topic, but still I'll be interested to see what comes of the show and whether or not it causes anymore of the scandals that often surrounds GTA.

r1sh121048d ago

@hellsvacancy its the same in germany.
Whats your point?
I pay TV license and dont care, not a large amount of money. 3 games prolly cost more than a years TV

Sonital1047d ago

Step 1: Load up your preferred IDE.
Step 2: Kill a hooker.
Step 3: Profit?

ArronC071047d ago

And thank god for the BBC, the oasis of quality TV in a sea of turgid vomit.

sonicsidewinder1047d ago

ITV fanboy detected.

Probably enjoys watching Films that are censored to the point of not being worth watching, as well as being bombarded by more Adverts than there is Film.

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Makkanchor1048d ago

bring on gta6 who cares!!!

MultiConsoleGamer1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Sounds neat!

Blues Cowboy1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Erm, not quite. They're making a drama about **DEVELOPING** Grand Theft Auto.

This is a very poorly researched article indeed.

Fishy Fingers1048d ago

Ah, now that makes more sense. Thank you.

lizard812881047d ago

That would have been cool for a GTA show, Maybe like Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul. A behind the scenes is ok though, kind of meh.

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