Battlefield Hardline: Multiplayer Impressions

Battlefield Hardline is on the verge of release. After numerous delays, a lot of chatter about what makes a 'Battlefield' game and whether Visceral is up to the task, it's time for everyone to shut up and see what the end result is.

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Mr_GoolyPunch956d ago

Cockney facking geeza review! Looks pretty good.

venom06955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Sorry.. But this is not a good impressions video at all and brought out some kinda dumb soundIng CoD fanboy talkin points that it's about time it gets puts to rest. What the hell difference does whether Battlefield is in the title or not?? According to his comments, if "Battlefield" wasn't in the title, then it would be a stronger game?? WTF.? Really? That's kinda stupid logic. If the game is fun, the game is fun, regardless the title. And then he talked about you have to run around forever... Once again, played out CoD fanboy talkin point.. Hardline has quite a few infantry focused maps where the action is pretty intense. Anyone with Twitch can see this. And the bigger maps will have 64 players, so anyone that's played Battlefield understands that with 64 players, there's ton of action (maybe not the rats in a maze chaotic action of CoD). And can we PLEASE have a Battlefield impression video without mentioning Call of Duty please?? Judge the game on if it's fun or not. Not on the title, not on the fact that the resolution is the same as BF4 on next gen consoles, not on whether or not you can and can't find something to remind you of you favorite CoD game. The fun factor should be the focus. This the problem with the "review" industry. To many biased folks can't comment on a game on its own merit and cant alleviate their own favoritisms.

Omegasyde955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Because battlefield is in the title you EXPECT a large scale war game with tanks and jets.

Basically EA was scared to brand the game of its own merits and tried to link a new IP with a popular unrelated series in hopes of selling more.