The Big Game: Bloodborne

Ask a group of gamers what the hardest game of all time is, and it’s likely several will name an entry from the Souls series.

Kicked off in 2010 by the release of Demon’s Souls (it launched in Japan and the US the year before), From Software’s Souls franchise, which continued with 2011’s Dark Souls and 2014’s Dark Souls II, is renowned for its punishing and obtuse gameplay.

Spurred by cult popularity surrounding its oppressive atmosphere and complex lore, the series quickly grew from having a niche appeal to becoming a critical and commercial hit.

To date, the first Dark Souls has sold in excess of 2.37 million units worldwide, while Dark Souls II has shipped more than 1.2 million copies in the US and Europe alone.

Now, Souls series creator and director for the first two titles Hidetaka Miyazaki, returns with a spiritual successor to Souls – Bloodborne.

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Exari1226d ago

I LOVE miyazaki, he just knows how to put reply value in his games. I can already see myself playing Bloodborne for ages. I'm sure its one of the games that you'll return to every now and then even after you beat it just to invade ppl and fight them or coop with a friend or play a new chalice dungeon or do ng+ etc..

Tex1171226d ago

Miyazaki is a gem in the industry.

Not only can he put replay value in the game, he makes a game that is seemingly uncompromising in his vision. It makes for a very specific and unique experience.

Jedislayer1226d ago

this game is going to be dope as hell, can't wait till the 24th!

GetSomeLoGiK1226d ago

I can not wait for this game even though it's like a week and a half away from releasing. Every day I get more and more hype. I'm gonna be stuck in my room all day playing it.

WizzroSupreme1226d ago

It's a shame that Bloodborne comes out at around the same time as Dark Souls II's cross-gen rerelease. I haven't played either and don't know which I'll pick up.

cyber_daemonx1226d ago

@Wizzro, treat yourself and get both. Thats my plan anyway.

Both games will be epic. Can't wait to play DS2 again, the improvements they've made look superb. And as for Bloodborne, goty contender for sure.

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