Splatoon delayed to July in Europe

According to Amazon Italy, Splatoon has been delayed to July in Europe. It's expected to arrive between July 2nd and July 7th.

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acekaze1076d ago

I am fine with it, as long has it helps to improve the final product.

greenmiker1076d ago

Well said! It looks amazing anyway that game.

mikel10151076d ago

I never get why people always take a single online website as truth

4logpc1076d ago

I dont think this game ever got a release date to begin with? I could be wrong.

Mikito111076d ago

It's meant to be released in May as stated on one of the trailers

WizzroSupreme1076d ago

Didn't realize that it was slated for anytime in particular this year, but July sounds about right. Post-E3 is always an empty time.

hobowan1076d ago

I think its may elsewere...or have i made that up?

Dont mind the slippage at all, never have minded slips as i always have a backlog, but i wonder what NoE have between now and july?

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