Rocksteady standing by Batman: Arkham Knight M Rating should be praised

MWEB GameZone writes: "So what we have here, with Rocksteady sticking with their game, not compromising on their vision is an action that needs encouragement."

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SonZeRo1041d ago

M or T doesn't matter, parents will still buy it for the electronic nanny to do its thing.

plut0nash1041d ago

I generally have no issues with a small amount of violence. We've slaughtered sheep in front of my son, and he seemed to cope just fine. It's the manner that it's depicted that is important to me.

HanCilliers1041d ago

I love their reasoning, "We just felt that this is the story that we really wanted to tell." Hopefully more devs will follow suit. Hats off to Rocksteady & Warner Bros.

DarkOcelet1041d ago

"I'm not blind to the fact that [the M rating] does mean some fans will miss out"

Believe me, no one will miss out, those games are "M" rated games tends to be bought more that "T" rated games, so it will definitely sell well.

Toiletsteak1041d ago

Parents buy there kids GTA so i don't think they will hold back on buying them Batman.

goldwyncq1041d ago

The funny thing is, most kids nowadays prefer their games to be rated "M".

ThunderPulse1041d ago

As a kid I only wanted the M rated games.

DeadlyFire1041d ago

Well to be fair. Most M rated games have only some extra violence or words. And well there are two types of M+ rated games. One being more adult with the content and one just adding in more violence and grit. Not much difference from the T rating. Even Star Wars 1313 was aimed to be M rated for its short lifespan it was to be created in that vision similar to this game. If the game has to go there for the vision to work then it definitely should go there.

DarkOcelet1041d ago

There is also a game that baffled me at how it was rated "T". It was Shadow Of the Colossus. I mean you stab a colossus head and it bleeds and the story was emotional. The feels in the game was unbelievable.

Dannycr1041d ago

Most of the (uneducated) parents will not see the "M" rating, they will just see that it is a Batman game and will instantly believe that, since it is a superhero game, it's appropriate for their kids.

ShadowKing-1041d ago

buying batman with M rating cannot be different then was comes on TV these days.

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