#IDARB Coming to PS4 "Eventually", Crossplay is a "Maybe"; New Game Modes/Maps Being Worked On

#IDARB will be making its way to the PS4 eventually with the possibility of crossplay. For the time being, Xbox One users can look forward to either a new game mode, map or even both.

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Stiffler1223d ago

Good! I still haven't played my copy I got last month.

The more gamers that get to play games like this, the better. From what I've read and heard it's a really fun multiplayer game :)

chrish19901223d ago

I've not spent much time with it, but the few times I've played it I've been in hysterics. Its competutive but good fun

Stiffler1223d ago

Sounds good. I'll have to get into it this weekend

Palitera1223d ago ShowReplies(1)
paulogy1223d ago

I would LOVE if #IDARB came to PS4, but the controller limit (4) vs. what Xbox One has (8) concerns me. PS3 can handle 7 I think, and not sure what Vita can do ad-hoc so if it's cross-buy/cross-play with those systems we'd at least be able to get more than 4 locally.

parentsbasement1223d ago

it looks bad but is surprisingly just is...

DigitalRaptor1223d ago


Super Time Force, Cuphead and now #IDARB. Glad to see the good looking ones coming over. All I'm hoping for now is Ghost of a Tale and Super Hot and I'm set... for now.