Bloodborne PS4 Gone Gold; Product Manager Tweets Pictures From BloodBorne 'Gone Gold Event' In Tokyo

Last month Sony announced that they would be organizing a a special Bloodborne event in Tokyo on March 12th at Akihabara UDX in Tokyo Japan. Well today is that day and Sony's Product Manager for Bloodborne who is known as 'That Kid Chris' on Twitter has send out some (re)Tweets containing pictures from the event.

Apparently From Software's Bloodborne has finally Gone Gold, meaning the game has finished development and is ready and is being sent off for replication, packaging and shipment.

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Toiletsteak1165d ago

This game is going to get awesome reviews from everyone i can't see one review getting lower then an 8.

BartMoons1165d ago

That's what a lot of people thought of THe Order as well. Wait and see I guess

MasterCornholio1165d ago

Your lack of faith is disturbing.

BartMoons1165d ago

I'm not saying Bloodborne will turn out as The Order at all. Just saying don't judge a game before its been played and reviewed.

breakpad1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

really?? now it has gone gold?? i think they have little time to replicate and deliver the game at 24-27 march at stores

Hanso1165d ago

i really dont care about reviews because ive been gaming a long time ..i trust my taste.
I will buy BB day 1 even if it gets -9999/10

guyman1165d ago

Nobody thought that about the order dude, sorry to disappoint you.

Arkardo1165d ago


That's what i'm talking about, been playing since intellevision II, don't need attention who** reviews from self entitled game journalists to tell me what to play.

I'm calling it, the days of game journalism as we know it are coming to an end.

stavrami1165d ago

@breakbad it's already gone gold I've seen copies in the wild but couldn't get one as retailers have had to sign a waver :-(

Sevir1165d ago

They are making sure no one leaks the game the Order was.

Bill_Willson_CIA1165d ago

>That's what a lot of people thought of THe Order as well.

Everybody knew The order would be raped by reviewers for months.What the hell are you talking about?

SpinalRemains1381165d ago

Most thought the Order was going to average 6-7 due to its cinematic approach rather than a raw adventure gaming approach.

I'm not saying I agree with that, but that's how it was. Many people bashed the game before release due to the focus on cinematic aspects over gameplay.

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KuroKazuma1165d ago

i think few reviewer will be bit salty cause the is much less shield play than before

nucky641165d ago

I don't care what the reviews are - i'll be playing as soon as possible on the 24th!

realplayer821165d ago

First goty contender of 2015.

Master-H1165d ago

Do they usually send out review copies before a game goes gold ? because I've read somewhere that the review embargo lifts on the next Monday. And EDGE already has a copy, so I doubt they're sending other sites/magazines review copies just today. Hmmm.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1165d ago

Review copies =/= shipped product.

Often they are similar and they are patched during the review process.

DragoonsScaleLegends1165d ago

I still wonder why they consider finishing a game going gold.

uth111165d ago

When they are trying to ship a product, there will be many release candidate builds. When you finally get the one that has the critical bugs fixed, it's considered the gold image, probably because of the effort it took, it's like stroking gold or winning a gold medal or something

Source: I work as a software release engineer.

Stiffler1165d ago

Looking really promising. I hope BB turns out to be one of those gems that you sink countless into...Aww yiss!

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