Yakuza 0’s Top 20 Cabaret Poster Girls Chosen by Voters; See Them In-Game

"Yakuza 0 comes out today in Japan for PS3 and PS4. Sega has revealed the posters that advertise the game’s various cabaret clubs. The ladies on the posters were chosen by a fan vote. The top 20 models were chosen to appear on the posters, and the top five were included in Sega’s own press announcement. Below, you can see the top five contestants in the vote as well as several examples of posters you’ll see all over Yakuza 0‘s 1988 version of Tokyo and Osaka." -PSLS

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knifefight1197d ago

Can't wait for a current-gen exclusive Yakuza game. I'd love to see how big they can make it without having to hold back for the older hardware.