Artist Uses Watercolors To Make the Nintendo Roster Even Brighter

Dorkly: Nintendo is known for it's bright colorful aesthetics, but watercolor painter Lisa-Marie Melin decided to up the saturation levels and the results are spectacular.

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Relientk771048d ago

I love these, the colors are great

INTOmyMOUTH1047d ago

Wow. Some unfinished drawings. Thanks n4g.

RyanShutup1047d ago

Look out guys... we got a badass over here!

INTOmyMOUTH1047d ago

Why? It's a bunch of drawings with watercolor. Wow. You don't have to be a dick. Art is subjective. Maybe if your mother didn't praise you for scribbling on the wall then you could see how these are nothing to write home about.

crusf1047d ago

There's always that one guy...

RyanShutup1047d ago

I don't have to be a dick?! HAHA... pot meet kettle... at least she raised me well enough not be an asshole in public forums. You basically just shat all over this person's work... and based off the comments you seem to be the only one that thinks it sucks.

Is artwork subjective? yep... Is you being a prick subjective? nope. Sorry for being so harsh man... but hows it feel to have it aimed back at you?

herbs1047d ago

Someone needs to put their fist into their mouth. Excellent use of color gradients and good contrast between precise solid lines and painterly splashes of colors.

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