Grand Theft Auto Online: Heists

GTA Online: Heists Review - 18 Months of False Hype

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BumperSticker1106d ago

This whole review is idiotic, because it's basically a rant about bugs and not the actual content itself.

Like you said, this is Rockstar's biggest update and sometimes things can't be tested until they go public.
So, yeah, bugs are bound to happen.

I have no doubt Rockstar is hard at work to get a fix out.
You can keep whining about the heists not working, but don't try to make other people believe heists are not worth their time.

JoeIsMad1106d ago

This game made more profit for Rockstar than any game before it. This patch was postponed for nearly a year. If a patch can't be bug splatted before launch under this budget, what can?

Phoenix761106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Your right bumper, it is a rant. He complains about the amount of people trying to get online at the same time, but we all knew this would of happened. As gamers, we are pretty much ddos'ing the servers ourselves. And he does over look all the extra content and extras, whilst moaning about connecting.
And just heard he say he will do "another" review once things calm down a bit. Wtf.

Palitera1106d ago

So... Why has no one reported the submission?

THC CELL1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

This mode was over hyped imo. Too late moving on gunna wait for next gta hopfully gta vice city or try somewhere like gta Uk have Scotland England Wales even fly to northern Ireland. Have Yorkshire and other too as we hate people from Lancashire or south. Btw sean bean should do all Yorkshire accents

Palitera1106d ago

You do realize you'll be waiting until 2018, 2019, right?

Not a single SP expansion was released for the Rockstar golden game yet... And judging by the time they took with heists...


Do they do a controller for 3 thumbs?

Immorals1106d ago

I'd personally give them an 8/10, would be 9 if it wasn't for the occasional server hiccup!

paul-p19881106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Agreed, when I've managed to connect our crew has had an absolute blast playing them. The connection issues have made things a bit difficult to get on at peak times (we tend to play at 9pm GMT, when most people are trying to do the same...) but I wouldn't rate the actual content anywhere near a 3/10 at all...

Manubiggs1106d ago

what suprises me is people thought they would all log in and it would work on day one. I've downloaded the update but I will wait a couple of weeks before I try it out.

isa_scout1106d ago

It's actually working pretty good right now. The first day was a nightmare, but things seem to be working fine now. As for the bugs and glitches, there's always been bugs and glitches in GTAO so this is really nothing new. The Heists are amazing though. I've already played some of them twice. It is a shame that they didn't come out a year ago though. The fact that a year and a half after release GTAVs servers were flooded with traffic just gives you an idea of how freakin huge this franchise is.

Randostar1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Saying the heists are bad because of server problems is like giving a item thats good a 1 star because shipping was terrible.

scottd1106d ago

Exactly... his review should be retitled to 'GTA 5 online servers review' or 'Entitled Crybaby Gamer' the current title is not correct.

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The story is too old to be commented.