Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets New Trailer and Screenshots; Shows Combat, Aliens & More

Nintendo and Monolith just released a batch of new screenshots, artwork and a new trailer of the upcoming Wii U exclusive JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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vishmarx950d ago

say im not interested in any old nintendo franchise besides zelda,
but i f**** love jrpgs
can someone sell me on a wii u?
is it reasonable to buy one just for this and zelda u?

Abriael950d ago

Well, they're both big open world games (at least from what we know about Zelda) so they're probably going to keep you busy for a long time.

I'm not much into nintendo franchises myself, so I'm in your same boat. I don't even care for Zelda that much, but for me Xenoblade is worth it.

Theyellowflash30950d ago

I agree Abriael, compared to The Order 1886, Nintendo's franchises just don't stack up. lol

Griever950d ago


Please do not ruin the name of the Yellow Flash with your butthurt and bitter trolling. NoGoodYellowTroll would suit you better.

WESKER2015950d ago

well exclusives wise the wii u is pretty close to the xbone, the only thing i see as a deterrent is the lack of 3rd party support for the wii u, i am actually thinking of swapping my ps4 for a wii u if sony dont start to shape up

vishmarx950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

well thats one thing i aint doing.
ps4 is the likeliest to get most jrpgs this already has persona 5, lv5's next and quite possibly dragon quest.and i wouldnt be too surprised if SE ditched xbox for kh3,
and scalebound and quantum break are the only xb1 games i have any genuine interest in. not getting it unless they announce a lost odyssey 2

Griever950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

The Xbox brand is not exactly known for exclusives you know. Remember the Xbox 360 and its last three years of life cycle? On the other hand, remember the PS3 being bashed for not having games and in the end turning out to have the most and best exclusives? At that time exclusives supposedly did not matter for Xbox fans and the PS3 supposedly had "too many" exclusives. Many people ended up eating crow at that time. Wii U has only a handful of games and there is nothing few years down the road; Xenoblade Chronicles X is the ONLY RPG on the console. Are you going to play Xenoblade for the rest of the whole gen??

A couple of years down the road, PS4 will have all the AAA exclusives, JRPGs and multiplats just like PS3. The Wii U would have run its course with Mario, Zelda and Xenoblade out of the way and Xbox One lineup would have already dried up since they do not have any first party studios. History is the biggest teacher. Look at the past to know the future and make the smart LONG TERM decision.

Neonridr950d ago

yes.. listen to Griever. Apparently Xenoblade is the last game that is going to be released for the Wii U, lol.

buy one if you are interested in the games it has (which are quite a few real gems). I love mine and it's a perfect compliment console to my PS4.

Griever950d ago (Edited 950d ago )


Do you care to enlighten me Mr. Neon if I am so wrong instead of just laughing and mocking? When you have have got no solid answer or reply, just laugh it off, right? You Nintendo fanboys are all like that; arrogant, condescending and inflicted with a superiority complex. Disgusting and annoying!

Can you name what AAA games will arrive on the Wii U after Xenoblade and Zelda U? Do you know of any new AAA franchises or games that have been announced for Wii U that will be arriving in 2016, 2017 and 2018? What RPGs will you be playing in the future on teh Wii U? Because I will be playing Persona 5, FFXV, Dragon Age inquisition, Disgaea 5, Bloodborne, Dragon Quest Heroes and Witcher 3. If yes, speak up and if no then shut up and move on! Or are you betting on another Mario, another Donkey Kong or another Zelda or that vaporware SMTxFE?

browngamer41950d ago

@ Griever-lets see Starfox, Splatoon, Yoshi's wooly world, Devils Third Mario Maker and Starfox to name a few and that's just off the top of my head-not sure wtf you're talking about after X and Zelda as ZERO devs name all their games for the year before sound like an idiot...

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Tiqila950d ago

I would definitely buy a Wii U just for those two games.

Also you can play any Wii game (might be interesting if you skipped on the Wii like I did) and NES/SNES/N64 roms via the homebrew channel. Good for you if you are lazy and don't want to get out your old consoles but sometimes feel the urge to play great games from the past.

No paywall for online play. A lot of party games (Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Mario Party 10, Wii Party U, Nintendoland,...)

Locknuts950d ago

With BC you have access to 4 modern Zelda games and both Xenoblade games. Plus all the other older Zelda titles from the original to the N64 games and other JRPGs via VC.


Ark_950d ago

There are some other good exclusvie games, that are not the typical nintendo, like Bayonetta, Zombie U, Devils Third ... also a lot of good indies and some well made 3rd party stuff, like DeusEx. And backwards compatibiliy to the Wii.

Considering Nintendo being on a run lately with its firstparty lineup - who knows what they are cooking right now. I recommend it highly as an addition to a second system.

FullmetalRoyale950d ago

Saying "tell me if I should buy it!" isn't what an adult does. I am shocked when I go to look at a video for a game and half of the videos are "is x worth buying?" "Should you buy y?" "5 reasons you should buy z".

It's all so sad, those are apparently what people are searching for. Just looking to be told what to do. Hopefully you are above simply taking what I've typed and trying to flip it on me. Hopefully you pass the low hanging fruit and come up with something interesting to read.

Kevlar009950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

The spiritual precursor, Xenoblade Chronicles is my favorite game (I've played quite a few RPG's, like the Mario one's, Tales of Symphonia, a little bit of FF, along with countless other various games). If you're going off of pedigree then Zelda/Xeno are sure buys. There's still the chance Fire Emblem x Shin Megami is being made, which I'm sure would be good.

As for the system itself, everything is pretty much known. You can play games just on the screen, stream videos and use internet, it can ever work through a wall if the system isn't too far away. Exclusives are some of the best, if you're into them. A lot of the games are fairly innovative/distinct, you're limited in your Publishers but you're getting games that break the mold.

If I had to pick one console and get only 2 games I would not be dissatisfied with the WiiU Zelda/Xeno combo. If you're into those games then they're about the best you could find (reviews pending ofc). And of course you're saving money.

And I do own a WiiU, the Mario Kart 8 bundle I got last May has served me well.

roboshort950d ago

It may be worth it. I suppose it depends how much you like JRPGs. There aren't a lot of large scale JRPGs coming out anymore so if you want to play a good one, you may have no choice... Plus, you can play the previous Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story, Pandora's Tower etc. on the WiiU. You've also got games like Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful101.. And it's possible may find you like the Nintendo franchises more than you thought after playing Captain Toad, Tropical Freeze, or 3D World (so long as you value good gameplay).

FullmetalRoyale950d ago

Grow up and make your own decisions. You can't expect people to always be there to tell you what to do.

Ark_950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

He gathers information before making HIS decision. Actually the mature thing to do.

Passing knowledge/experience from one to another human being is what made us so successfull in our struggles over this planet. Fellow humans, who never listen to others, tend to die quickly.

Just sayin' ...

eyeofcore950d ago

Why it would't?

If it was just for a single game then it would't, but for two or more and you listed two open world games that will suck out at least 300's hours out of your daily life.

You may as well get Lego City Undercover thus you have three Wii U exclusive Open World games.

Shnazzyone950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

I have no idea why you would need to be sold on it at this point. There's tons to play. More than any other next gen system has to play. Don't like nintendo franchises? Bayonetta 2 and wonderful 101 has tons of gameplay. Nevermind the coming of the next zelda, the HD remake of windwaker. Like dense rpgs? MH3U is also on the system and is still pretty active online. Indie games? Also has that in spades.

Still, you're depriving yourself ignoring any of the nintendo games because they are the best they've ever been. It's an HD nintendo system and the way nintendo does games, they easily stand up against PS4 and xbone releases as far as graphics are concerned.

Also, way less expensive than the other next gen options to get on board. If you owned a wii, you can use every single wii peripheral with the system. All the wii games play as well.

You shouldn't need convincing, and non biased gamer could see that still, wii U offers the most to play this gen and what you have available to play on a system should always be the biggest selling point. On top of that, never had to wait for a day one patch to play a game without problems.

stragomccloud950d ago

Well, you can always buy more Zelda games on the virtual console. And there is also Hyrule Warriors. That said, once you purchase a Wii U, you might find yourself picking up more games for it.

Big_Game_Hunters950d ago

In a comment below you say you are interested in scalebound, Wiiu has two of Platinum's best games, thats 4 games, SMTXFE is a JRPG so that makes 5

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Realplaya950d ago

The only thing the Wii U doesn't have is the 3rd party support so you give the other systems that. But The Wii U has great indie which doesn't have the same problems as some multi plats. support.

Now the exclusives is where it's at. Nintendo has channeled their inner beast and created some great games and they will continue to do so. Also with the Wii U Nintendo has many options when it comes to games and most important if you care the games released aren't buggy and they are not being delayed.

ChickeyCantor950d ago

> Wii U doesn't have is the 3rd party support

> But The Wii U has great indie

Seriously people need to stop twisting words. Indies are 3rd party developers. You're talking about budget differences.

Neonridr950d ago

yes but Indies and 3rd party developers are historically not considered in the same groupings. When someone uses the term 3rd party, they are usually referring to larger budget, AAA 3rd party studios like EA, Ubisoft, Square, Activision etc.

GordonKnight950d ago


There are more great indie games than AAA games. It's nice seeing developers free from publishers. Publishers are ruining the video game industry.


Shnazzyone950d ago

Unsure why the missing 3rd party AAA titles should bother anyone at this point. Not only have most the releases been kinda disappointing (IE destiny, evolve, titanfall). But if you want those titles a decent PC can play those titles just fine with whatever controller configuration you prefer.

ChickeyCantor950d ago

"When someone uses the term 3rd party, they are usually referring to larger budget, AAA 3rd party studios like EA, Ubisoft, Square, Activision etc."

No they don't. No one in business does this.

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