Game Freak Explains Why Tembo The Badass Elephant isn’t coming to Wii U

Could this be the greatest reasoning in platform skipping history?

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vishmarx1222d ago

hands down the most amazing excuse ive ever heard.
but to be fair theres nothing he couldve said that wouldnt have pissed off people.
better to treat it as a joke i guess

Locknuts1222d ago

Better to tell the truth if you're going to piss people off no matter what. You've got nothing to lose. Unless this is the truth, in which case he's an idiot.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1222d ago

I get the feeling they wanted it to exclusive to Wii U if they wanted it on Wii U.

N4g_null1221d ago

This is a sonic clone. Mostly jumping on things and running thur them. They should make an infinite runner game on phone also.

Viryu1222d ago

Why even bother with excuses? Devs should just leave making those up to the players' creative minds instead! Example:

"We're not going to release this game on Wii U, because insert politically correct excuse here"

Mikito111222d ago

Think they realise everyone can see it's a donkey kong contry rip off pretty much, even some of the sounds are very similar.. Still looks fun though

wonderfulmonkeyman1222d ago

That... that was just plain embarrassing of him...
Seriously, who makes an excuse like that?
If he thinks it's because it'll sell better on systems that don't already have a game that feels like a DK game, then that would be reason enough, because we've got Tropical Freeze alongside quite a few indie platformers, as well.

Heck, just saying "we want to bring it to platforms that have fewer platformers of this kind and work on something different for Wii U instead", that would have gone over far better than what he's passing off as a reason here...

GokuSolosAll1222d ago

Interesting to see Game Freak make a new game for a non-Nintendo system. Definitely gonna try this out, hopefully it makes its way to Vita, too.

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The story is too old to be commented.