Project Cars full Achievement and Trophy list

MWEB GameZone writes: "Project Cars delayed for the third time in six months, but here's the full Achievement and Trophy list to keep you interested."

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plut0nash1074d ago

The game does look good, I'll give it that but so many delays cannot be good.

HanCilliers1074d ago

What's your take on the Achievements and Trophies?

plut0nash1074d ago

I like it. Makes the fuel in my veins flow a little faster :)

rdgneoz31074d ago

I thought they were going to delay the achievements and trophies...

Soulscare1074d ago

So many delays are a lot better than a broken game. It's better to delay a game years rather than release it too soon.

SonZeRo1074d ago

I would agree with that and then i think Duke Nukem.

HanCilliers1074d ago

Ye, we saw what happened in 2014

plut0nash1074d ago

Yes and no, Duke Nukem Forever is a prime example of hype generated from waiting - and failing. So we'll see. I have faith in Slightly Mad, though.

Sillicur1074d ago

Amped to play this ! I would rather wait a bit longer than get a broken game :)

Rob Hornecker1074d ago

The game looks great,but the delays are killing it!

HanCilliers1074d ago

They should just say will release when finished now

Sillicur1074d ago

Better to delay it then release a broken game in my opinion :)

HoldenZA1074d ago

Whenever I hear a game is delayed, I honestly think it's a good thing. It shows that the developers are not prepared to release a game that is not ready. I'm all for delays, as long as it is warranted.
This game looks to be a ton of fun

DesVader1074d ago

Delaying games seems to be the latest trend (I see Uncharted is also now delayed, adding to GTAV and Hardline from late last year) but I think its better than last year's trend of releasing broken games :P.

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