PS4 Update 2.50 “Yukimura” Release Date Coming Soon; Sony Gives More Details and Comments on DLNA

Today Sony Computer Entertainmentv officially revealed PS4 System Software Update 2.5 “Yukimura,” and SCEA Director of Product Planning & Software Innovation Scott McCarthy provided more information on what’s to come and how it will work.

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Gore-Content1081d ago

A lengthy and very informative article. Lots of positive things to read.

freshslicepizza1080d ago

i like the customize controls part but his answer about compressed images seems to not be very informative and was a poor excuse.

ab5olut10n1081d ago

What comments on DLNA? "Stay tuned" doesn't say anything, yet you've titled your story as if you have information.

Abriael1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

"We want PS4 versions of these features, not a cut/paste from last gen"

That's definitely relevant, since it explains why the feature is not in yet, and promises something more than what we have on PS3.

There's a difference between a full comment and the last two words of it.

Bathyj1081d ago

Given the nature of the comment its ironic that you had to copy/paste it for him.

JimmyDM901081d ago

I'm fine with copy and paste! Haha. Same goes for MP3/harddrive support.

ab5olut10n1081d ago

That doesn't explain anything. It's just corporate obfuscation and you buy into it. "We want the ps4 version of media streaming". Well what does that mean? Nothing. It's just smoke being blown up your ass.

bouzebbal1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

"That's definitely relevant"
haha... listen here, you copy/paste an answer on the blog and you make a big deal out of it through your title. i could have told you stay tuned already last year about this feature..
not cause a guy from sony says stay tuned that it's suddenly relevant. there is no new in what he's saying AT ALL.

but we're all getting used to this since you make articles out of one single blurry bloodborne picture taken from a magazine and calling it amazing.

and the killer sentence:
"There's a difference between a full comment and the last two words of it."
smh..... if you think 2seconds before writing you'll realize that he has to make it worth the wait since PS4 can't even do as well as PS3 in this matter. I would highly prefer copy/paste of PS3 online/offline notifications and having it improved overtime rather than nothing.

GameSpawn1080d ago

It would be nice if Apple opened up their AirPlay/HomeSharing to other devices (at least for music). Then I would be able to leave iTunes open on one of my machines and stream to my consoles. If Apple had embraced DLNA within iTunes this would be a non-issue, but DLNA directly competes with their AirPlay/HomeSharing idea of home network content delivery.

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pwnsause_returns1081d ago

It means, chill out's coming. It's a matter of when... Just don't half a** it.

MasterCornholio1081d ago

Thanks for the amazing update Sony.

Keep doing a great job with them.

forcefullpower1081d ago

Nice to see dualshocker not understanding that uploading to facebook they convert png to jpg. So there statement is correct.

gamer78041081d ago

meant to disagree, doesn't the ps4 to usb also save a jpg? its just not as bad as the Facebook since Facebook recompresses. Either way its no lossless png.

Abriael1080d ago

So? That's not the case for Twitter. There isn't only Facebook you know?

Sorry mate, but I understand how it works very well.

forcefullpower1080d ago

Well you don't seem to as you didn't mention that in the article. I would also like to point out to you that twitter also has restriction on file sizes as well, which means compression on jpeg or unable to upload to png if file size is too large. PNG is not a get out clause for high quality images. File sizes still are an issue which ever format you use there is just a different out come.

Go read up on image types as you clearly dont understand them and there differences.