Here's How You Solve The Problem Of All These Delays

There's a constant slew of delays this generation but it's partly because of this wild mania surrounding release dates for new games. Calm down, everyone.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

I'm still rocking The Last of US multiplayer with some of mu friends. That should keep me busy until Naughty Doge's next masterpiece :)

freshslicepizza1047d ago

it feels like we either have delays or games that get released when promised but with issues like connection problems online or games needing major patches.

a good solution is to simply have realistic release dates and not really mention them until a few months before.

Syntax-Error1047d ago

Well at least I can play Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One while my PS4 collects dust

Revolver_X_1046d ago

I'll be playing TR on my PC, where it will actually run 60fps ;)

uth111047d ago

I agree, Announcing a game two or three years before release is ridiculous. They should wait to announce it 6-9 months before release. That's enough time to get people hyped and short enough to prevent a backlash. Bloodborne did it right, most other games don't.

RocknRolla1047d ago

6-9 months won't be enough though. The game needs multiple showings at events as well as media events with journalists so that devs can get feedback.

12+ months is perfect because you've got E3 and can have the odd 1 or two hands on. But 6 months you don't have enough times. There's a lot of other stuff at play too investors etc...

uth111047d ago

if they do 9 months, you could hit E3 and the fall conferences.

They could always show the game under NDA to interested parties before announcing it.

wannabe gamer1047d ago

so then everygame released at the same time of year..... nope

krypt19831047d ago

you announce at the video game awards, then you have games con,tgs,gdc,e3 then release you shouldn't announce a game if it is more then a year out ..

Revolver_X_1046d ago

If you announce a game more then a year out, this is what you get. UC4, The Order, Driveclub, etc. It's more frustrating then disappointing. We're told to calm down, but we didn't force ND to give a late 2015 release for UC4. Devs just need to stop announcing releases unless they are sure they can hit it. Pubs need to stop rushing devs as well. Between delays and broken games, this current gen has been quite lacking.

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Relientk771047d ago

Stop showing games off literally years before release

Square Enix how long have you been working on FFXV again? or Team Ico with The Last Guardian

NinjaRichParty1047d ago

These AAA games can be delayed all they want. Polish them to a t is what I say! I'll pass the time with great indie titles and smaller games. I'm loving OlliOlli2 as of right now!

Spotie1047d ago

Don't give out release dates.


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The story is too old to be commented.