Chrono Trigger Celebrates 20th Anniversary on Super Nintendo

Carl Williams writes, "Time travel, a television and movie trope, was the basis of Chrono Trigger when Square Enix released this new role playing game in 1995. Even though there was internal concern at Square Enix over this story mechanic, it is probably a large reason that Chrono Trigger was so well received by gamers. Instead of the usual storyline that we have seen time and time again, we get a unique take on the time travel theme. Chrono Trigger was one of THE reasons to own a Super Nintendo- Sega simply had nothing in their arsenal that could compare."

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NovusTerminus1047d ago

And to this day I have never played the game.

That changes tonight, going to go on and start it up!

triverse1047d ago

You won't be sorry playing this one. It is really good.


One of the best games ever

LightDiego1047d ago

Congratulations for this classic.

GokuSolosAll1047d ago

Square should have at least had a sale, maybe do something special for the anniversary.

Anyway, anybody who never played it should today.