Why are Multiplayer-only Games Such a Hard Sell? Just Ask Titanfall

GamesRadar - Don't look at the first few months of a new year as a gaming dead zone; they're more of an opportunity. It's a good time to decompress from the deluge of the previous holiday's onslaught, and reflect on the games you played over the past 12 months; maybe give some of those you neglected a second chance. So this year, since most of January's releases were already games I'd played before, I decided to hop back into Titanfall. My crew of friends and I played it for about a week when it came out last March, stomping around and dropping hulking mechs out of the sky, before we moved on to the next, big thing (or just went back to playing Dota 2). So I hopped in for a few rounds, to kill some time and see if the game was still as fun as I'd remembered.

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StrayaKNT1172d ago

I loved titanfall, i played it for over 6 months. The gameplay was spectacular it was honestly one of the best fps i have played in years. And i was going in knowing it was a multiplayer-only game so i wasnt disappointed in the lack of story or campaign, i loved it for what it was.

objdadon1172d ago

Was fun for about a month and then got stale imo. I Think it was a good start though, it should have been on every platform.

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r1sh121171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

@miyamotoson I assume you made this decision at the launch time of this game yet 1 year on you still have internet :/
How do you know you 'would no longer have internet'?
Youre still on n4g today.

Titanfall was pretty good, I never got it at release. Had other games to play but I got it about 3 months after, it was a really decent shooter.
The balance was quite good and they added more game modes over time.
It did get repetitive after constant play but thats the same with all shooters, and to be completely fair the balance is what made this such a good and fun game.
I still play it occasionally for a good laugh with some friends.
There are a lot less people on PC and the ones who play are the ones who know every map really well and have mastered the game, so its a real challenge when playing but I still enjoy it from time to time.
especially between games.

Also even though it lacks single player, it does not mean people will keep playing it if it had SP. Every COD is virtually the same!
No one keeps replaying it forever, within 9 months of COD getting released the player count does drop off, as it should with most games especially shooters which are run, shoot, get kill and go on kill streak.
In a stark contrast, the order 1886, I just about finished after about 6 -7 hours.
Ive played a lot more of titanfall than 1886, and I am unlikely to play the 1886 again.

freshslicepizza1171d ago

people have some mindset that online games must have some campaign for whatever reason but are willing to spend $60 on a single player only game that lasts less than 10 hours. makes no sense to me when you could get more playtime on the online game and have just as much fun playing it.

poppinslops1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

People complained about it lacking value - and I must admit I wasn't keen on the idea of a digital copy. But I got the bundle and sloooowly downloaded it, and I'm glad I did, 'cause it's one of the few games of 2014 that I've kept coming back to on a regular basis (along with Forza Horizon 2).

It's deep, balanced and demanding. Staying alive takes real finesse... Getting the season-pass for free was great, but I could've happily kept on playing on those same old maps for ages.

It's by far the most heart-pumpingly intense shooter I've ever played... I actually kind of wish Respawn were doing 'Battlefront'.

VforVideogames1171d ago

Great game non the less and still play it till this day on weekly basis, Last Titan Standing still my favorite, haven't even finish "campaign" if there's an ending.

BattleAxe1171d ago

Picked up the digital deluxe edition with all the DLC on Xbox Live for $15.00 on sale just this last November. Probably the best $15.00 game I've ever bought. I'm not a huge fan of online-only games, but if the price is right and the gameplay is good, then why not?

Lethaltare1171d ago

Played it for roughly 3 weeks and was bored very quick. Purchased on the Pc but would of got a lot more use out of it if it was on the PS4. I imagine Evolve will go down a similar path Titanfall did.

thrust1171d ago

I got it on the xbox one and loved every min of it :)

It's not on the ps4 :D

Torque_CS_Lewith1171d ago

So the PS4 would have used its pixie dust magic to make a game you got bored of very quick more enjoyable?

Lethaltare1170d ago

I'm not stating that. Just on the PS4 I have more friends I tend to play online with. I would of got more use out of it if it was on the PS4. I haven't been on Origin for long so I don't really have anyone to play with so, it got boring quick. I know it's not on the PS4, I didn't state it is. Clearly didn't read my comment.

remixx1161171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

That's good as it was a quality game.

The problem with multiplayer only games is at the end of the day they are all operating on borrowed time. From the second it launches that clock starts ticking, unlike single player games which can theoretically last forever.

It sorta puts the money you spent on a timer and if your like me then you prefer to keep most of the games you buy. The problem with this is that paying 60$ for said game, then a little extra dough for maybe a season pass, and in the case of evolve you drop some mullah on some cosmetic bullish*t, at the end of the day it will be all gone.

Whether its the community dying out fast, like I hear evolve is doing, or in the case of the late great socom 2 server support is tossed, or maybe it was killed off by its sequal call of duty style. No matter what its gone and for people like me who buy games to keep them its a pain.

I can go back and play majoras mask, dark cloud 2 or shadow of the colossus whenever I feel like, but my days of socom 2, warhawk and cod 4 (i know this isnt mp only) are done.

Which hurts but hey that's what makes it a hard sell.

awi59511171d ago

Battlefield and unreal tournament did it for years with great success. It's not hard if the multiplayer is great. Titanfall was set up to sale map packs like call of duty. They should have embraced the mod community and let us make maps. That would have saved the game.

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spicelicka1171d ago

Agreed! I really wish the second one would have a campaign, there is so much potential in this game. Imagine play 4 player co-op with titans, taking on one of those beasts in the background.

Sometimes I really wish developers would realize how much they could do. Which they probably do, it most likely has to do with resource and time constraints.

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aviator1891172d ago

I actually still play titanfall to this day, haha.
It's a hell of a lot better now, tbh. Tons of modes in the game now, even one akin to firefight/horde.

daBUSHwhaka1172d ago

Stuck it on the other day for a blast at co-op and had a great little two hour bash and enjoyed it.

The-Marb1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Same here, its great game. Its use of bots and stuff also mean that noobs can enjoy it as much as veterans.

Playing say BF4 is great but if you have little experience its tough to break into the rhythm as you keep getting killed over and over by the players who have been on it for nearly 18 months non-stop.

Titanfall is not a perfect game but it has some very good ideas. I have high hopes for a sequel, hopefully it will be multi-platform too to gain some more fans.

BitbyDeath1172d ago

If done right they can be amazing.
Warhawk came out in 1997 and still has a few hundred play it each day.

coolbeans1172d ago

The PS1 game? Didn't know that was the case. I recently recall that being true for PS3 Warhawk when I was on there.

BitbyDeath1172d ago

Lol, good catch.... 2007. :-s

Bathyj1172d ago

I WISH they would do a sequel to the original game, single player only.

It would be like the first trailer for the PS3 version with hundreds of enemies and huge Motherships. Big battles. Thats the game I want.

That or reboot Colony Wars.

Activemessiah1172d ago

Some of us just love SP games I guess...

uth111172d ago

Because you are at the mercy of the other players in your session, who can make or break the game for you? And if the network goes down, you are out of luck

rdgneoz31172d ago

Yep, network goes down, you can't play. Hell, you have cases like Sim City which wasn't all the fun for the gamers who lost hours of work from save problems or long wait times. Diablo 3 had a ton of server problems at launch as well.

You're also at the mercy of the devs/publishers. If they suddenly decide to kill the servers down the road, you have a nice paperweight (physical copies) or a waste of hard drive space (digital).

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