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Relientk771108d ago

Aw yeah This is gonna be awesome! Can't wait to try this

R3ddSaiyan1108d ago

Same! Excited for this update along with the trophy stuff. Tho the who "screenshot for every trophy" will be a storage nightmare for hunters. Hoping they at least give us an option to select which ones we want personally.

JoGam1108d ago

Great Update. Sadly Video Chat still missing.

BitbyDeath1108d ago

Video Chat is coming through an app called ooVoo.

Shouldn't need firmware for it.

JoGam1108d ago

@Bitbydeath....thats right I totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder.

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Highlife1108d ago

I hope you can turn off the screenshot feature. I don't care to share my trophies. I don't care for trophies at all I just play the game.

Mr Pumblechook1108d ago

Great news that this is real, although deleting 0% trophies only applies to PS4 games and not 0% PS3 and Vita games of which I have many. :(

UltraNova1108d ago

@Mr Pumble

You've got to be kidding me! I was so eager to get this update so I could delete 20+ 0% PS3 games!

Are you sure?

Mr Pumblechook1108d ago

Someone ask "For trophy deletion, will it apply to trophy lists across all platforms? So ps3, and vita included?"

PSN guy says "Currently this is a PS4 only feature."

Maybe if enough people tell them they will add PS3 & Vita deletion too!

UltraNova1108d ago

+bub for being helpful!

That's a shame though, I hope they fix this soon...

Bdub20001107d ago

Very nice... Welcome to xbox 1... 12 months ago...

Just kidding.

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Massacred1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Its all confirmed!

Edit (Highly Relevant lol)

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Fatal-Aim1107d ago

Custom controls... THANK U! Lazy developers were getting on my nerves. Now then, we can put some use to that touch pad and the gyroscope

Andreas-Sword1107d ago

It's YUKIMURA Sanada!
(Samurai Warriors and Sengoku Basara)

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pwnsause_returns1108d ago

Remote play at 60fps


KUV19771108d ago

Sounds nice but even 2 meters next to my router the stream sometimes stutters and breaks, so here's hoping that stream-stability overall is improved, otherwise I won't be having much use for 60fps if they are just as broken.

DragoonsScaleLegends1108d ago

Sounds like you need a new router or a faster internet connection. Probably the router though, you want one that says it actually supports gaming. I noticed some routers say this when I was looking to buy a new one and they say if they are good or great at it.

demonJAKAL1108d ago

How is your ps4 connected to the router? I had loads of problems when I was using WiFi but when I switched over to cable the connection was a lot stronger with no drop out.

KUV19771108d ago

PS4 is wired. The router is a fairly decent fritz-box. Data streams to and from pc is very good, to my cell phone too, only VITA does not seem to be able to keep a constant connection. It is random though. Sometimes it runs butterly smooth for 15 Minutes and all of a sudden the VITA seems to remember it's problem and wil stutter every couple seconds. For me it is unusable at this point. Also you can connect the VITA directly with the PS4 wirelessly, without taking the extra step of the router. Still the exact same thing happens.

sereal_killer1108d ago

You can try directly connecting the vita to the ps4. it wont use your route. it can improve stability but might lose you some distance. this could also determine if its a router problem or maybe just interference from something else.

KUV19771108d ago

Thanks, but as I wrote above: I already tried that and at the same distance it gives the same problem. Maybe my VITA is faulty.

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JMaine5181108d ago

Remote Play 60fps and Suspend/Resume for me!

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