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Invisible Gamer's Gabe Gurwin writes: "Don’t make the mistake of judging Ori and the Blind Forest by its cartoony presentation: this is one of the most mature video games of the last decade, both in its heartfelt narrative and its “building blocks” approach to platforming. Moon Studios knew exactly how to piece the many components of its design together to create a sense of progression that is without equal, all while telling an emotional and complete story. In its 8 hours, I not only felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment for completing it, but actually felt like I had grown as a person: how many games can make you say that?"

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StrayaKNT1197d ago

Looks, plays and sounds so beautiful.

YodaCracker1197d ago

Agreed! This is a real contender for GOTY and holy wow that art style. This could be one of the best-looking 2D games ever made. You can expect a lot of Best Graphics awards going to Ori this year.

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whoyouwit041197d ago

Microsoft please don't be stupid, Buy Moon Studios.

OpieWinston1197d ago

Chances are they'll buy Moon Studios after a few more games much like Press Play.

At the moment Moon Studios is just a team of devs positioned all around the world so if Microsoft could find a way to bring them a bit closer together then they'd be talented 1st party studio to have.