Project Cars developer should stop announcing release dates

Developer Slightly Mad Studios should just stop announcing release dates and delays and just tell us when the game is done.

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Blaze929955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

This made me wonder. You know how in the music business more and more artists are not announcing release dates but just dropping their project(s) out of no where?

What if the gaming industry did that? What exactly IS the point of a release date? Why not just release your game one day, 12AM - and make a press release letting everyone know; with hard copies being in stores the NEXT day.

Not talking about completely dropping unknown projects - but maybe announcing it, then releasing it at random.

uth11955d ago

I would love to see much short times between announcement and release, but you do need some time to build hype to generate sales.

The music industry is different, because it's old way of doing things has completely imploded. Fewer people listen to radio, Forget MTV. It's much harder for artists to get heard. So the "oh guess what? I'm releasing an album today" tactic is a way of generating headlines and attention. If too many artists do it, it will quickly lose its impact

Z501955d ago

What if i don't have $60 that day?

Blaze929955d ago

@Z501, then get it when you do o_O?

@uth11 yeah, valid points.

cfc78955d ago

Should be called Delay Cars not Project Cars the release dates have been a total joke and the game looks nothing like what has been promised,as of now my hopes on this game are heading for the crusher.

NatureOfLogic_955d ago

The gaming community is getting very annoying lately. If they want to take their time to deliver their best possible work, I say let them. There's plenty to play until PC releases. Let the developers take their time and deliver a great game.

DoomeDx955d ago

Gamers have a point here. They constantly delay there game while players are keeping their hopes up for a release date.

Gamers are not getting annoyings, developers are.

GTA V PC anyone?

uth11955d ago

I won't argue that most complaints aren't annoying, But in this case.. everytime a developer announces a release date and misses it, they lose some credibility. SMS has done it at least 5 times, maybe more.

delay from 2012 to 2013
delayed to fall 2014,
delayed to March 17 2015
delayed to April 2 2015
delayed to unspecified date

urwifeminder955d ago

But I want it now wah wah meh zzzzzz.

955d ago
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