Riot Games Unveils “Champion Mastery” for League of Legends

As with every player behind the champion in League of Legends, each of us has a preference in champions. Thanks to an upcoming change just released to the Public Beta Environment, Riot Games will recognize your individual champion mastery in League of Legends, potentially as early as patch 5.6.

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ROQFrost923d ago

Oh nice now everyone will know I play a certain champ a lot more then another.

Stevefantisy923d ago

I see some pro's and con's for this.

TXIDarkAvenger923d ago

Pretty cool. Smite and HoTS have something similar.

Fireseed923d ago

The crappy thing is this probably won't be retroactive and my 5,000 + games will be for nothing! D:

Jacktrauma921d ago

This definitely has its pros and cons lol