Kickstarter saved Obsidian Entertainment from bankruptcy

GCO: "In the Road to Eternity documentary, Obsidian Entertainment revealed that without Pillars of Eternity, their Kickstarter-funded title, they would have “ran out of money.”"

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Massacred1225d ago

Very inspiring. I was shocked to learn just how close to bankruptcy and shutting down Obsidian we were though.

Razputin1225d ago

Sad and happy to hear.

I think Obsidian is one of those devs that are maybe too ambitious at times.

They don't have their schedules and capabilities in check.

Alpha Protocol for instance, in concept and premise sounded amazing, but overall not the best game.

New Vegas was great, but a bit underwhelming compared to FO3.

GCO Gamer1225d ago

They are indeed too ambitious, but I think the cost of being ambitious in today's market is too high.