GDC 2015: Mutant Football League Preview – Inhuman League | PSLS

PSLS writes: We got a firsthand look at Digital Dreams Entertainment’s Mutant Football League, and man it was inhuman.

Exclusive PSLS screenshots as well

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ftwrthtx1228d ago

I really want to play this game. Looked awesomely fun.

knifefight1228d ago

I wonder how legal it would be to have a song juuuuuust come close enough to the Monday Night Football theme....

ftwrthtx1228d ago

Gotta be careful to keep the lines blurred just enough.

Der_Kommandant1228d ago

I'm pretty excited for this, glad to see it come back to life!

krypt19831228d ago

Dam i remember this game, they should take madden engine and add all the mutant style gameplay..