Visceral Talks Battlefield Hardline Backlash, Growth, Dead Space Easter Eggs

Hardcore Gamer: In the final installment in our series of Battlefield Hardline interviews leading up to its March 17 launch, we were once more able to sit down with Vice President/General Manager of Visceral Games and Executive Producer for Battlefield Hardline, Steve Papoutsis to hammer him with any lingering questions about the game.

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ironfist921227d ago

Is this game getting a dedicated campaign? Or is it just worth a rent?

jb2271226d ago

The campaign is the only draw for me. Visceral games developed Dead Space last gen & they are saying this campaign is structured like a procedural cop show, they specifically mentioned the show Justified as a major influence. It'll be 10 chapters and a prologue, each chapter designed as an episode of a "show". If those chapters are a minimum of an hour, we could be in for a great 10+ hour campaign that'll outshine the mp in a lot of ways. I'll wait for reviews to see how it fares but I can't imagine Visceral putting out a bad sp campaign unless EA forced them to skimp on it.

ironfist921226d ago

That actually sounds pretty cool. Like playing a Season of a TV show.

MilkMan1226d ago

I cant find s$%! related to the single player game. Its like EA and Visceral are purposefully blacking that portion out, but in fact that's all I care about. I want to buy the game, but until I know about the SP experience. No sale.

DarthJay1226d ago

I just uploaded the first episode. It is still processing so it may not be fully available for another 15-20 minutes:

Here is the prologue too.

EA Access only lets you play the Prologue and the first episode.

MilkMan1226d ago

Thanks a lots, ill check this in a bit. Im at work so I have to sneak a peek.