Online Threats Against Women Need More Attention, Lawmaker Says

United States representative Katherine Clark (D-Massachusetts) on Wednesday announced a new campaign that calls on the United States Department of Justice to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of cyber abuse crimes that specifically target women.

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DarkOcelet951d ago

So does for men. Both sides should get the same attention. Why should they seek attention only when men also gets abused and harassed online too and gets tons of death threats too.

sAVAge_bEaST950d ago

Feminist / Communist - Propaganda.

-Destruction of Family/Wage Slave Sluts.. -Money

(i could go on, but this is a gaming site, not political)

Docknoss950d ago

SJW's Assemble! Seriously though this is getting ridiculous. I'm starting to see liberal agenda being pushed in every aspect of Western culture and it's destroying us. This is eerily similar to how the Bolshavek's(Communist) took over Russia in 1917.

BattleAxe950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Because liberals love to segment faiths, nationalities, and genders. This does far more to divide people rather than bringing them together, which for political reasons, is the intended effect unfortunately.

rainslacker950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Credible online threats already get attention from authorities regardless of gender, or at least they should according to the law. It's a federal offense actually since the FBI investigates crimes that take place on the internet.

The biggest thing though is that most people don't report threats, or don't take them seriously because more often than not they aren't anything to really worry about.

It's also worth pointing out that any crime committed because of a persons race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is considered a hate crime. It is not limited to specific races, genders, religions, or sexual orientations. Hate is hate, so this law targeting women is just exclusionary, and makes the esteemed representative seem as if she feels that women need special protection because they can't protect themselves.

Pintheshadows950d ago

Well said.

They'll focus on this at the moment though as it is the narrative and agenda that is popular. What needs to happen is a focused effort on serious online threats, regardless of the victims gender/race etc.

DragoonsScaleLegends950d ago

Yeah I see more hate going on between guys if anything. But of course it's the whole gaming community for the most part with trolling being considered fine to do no matter how mean or how young the players are. People still enjoy watching guys over 20 say mean things to little kids who shouldn't be playing the game to begin with and sometimes even saying stuff to parents that don't understand gaming either and then making videos about it on YouTube and people actually enjoy watching the kids cry or the parents raging.

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NovusTerminus951d ago

I have a better idea... Why don't we tell these kids to suck it up and ignore online treats (Unless they are harassing over various sites tracking you down or Swatting you... That's a different matter) and focus on the ones that are done in person.

No online gaming session I've ever heard tops the Youtube comment section... Or Facebook feeds.

SCW1982951d ago

I only eat treats from my home.

rdgneoz3950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Unless they're tracking you down or swatting, it's easy to ignore people online. Here's a hint, log off the site/game or change rooms / kick them, and don't post all your personal info for people to see..

And check permissions on who can see your info, half the time people let random strangers look at their info on facebook (friends of friends or anyone in general) or such because they don't check the permissions. Read an article the other week about a woman who found someone (she didn't know) reposting pictures she took of her own son and pretending it was her's for attention...

Pintheshadows950d ago

Good advice that sadly falls on deaf ears most of the time. People need to learn to protect themselves a little more on the internet.

They are usually the same kind of people who use password123.

TheJacksonRGN951d ago

"prioritize the investigation and prosecution of cyber abuse crimes that specifically target women"

What about the harassment in general? Why not focus on it as a whole? Cracking down harder on the jerks that harassing women, isn't going to deter those who are harassing men, men of different backgrounds or gay and transgenders.

Pintheshadows950d ago

Populist narrative. I agree that it is absurd though. The problem is, you are thinking rationally, and no one rational gets a look in these days.

-Foxtrot951d ago


"What about men"

"Men?....Who gives a shit, let them fight it out themselves like the savages they are"

That's what I'm getting from this

LightDiego951d ago

Of course Lamespot it's praising this dull initiative of a democrat, another example of a shitty SJW site.
When a man is threatened? That's just trolling, right?

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