Visceral Would Like to Continue Working on Battlefield if Hardline is a Success

Visceral would like to continue developing games in the Battlefield franchise if next week's Battlefield Hardline is a success, creative director Ian Milham has said.

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NovusTerminus1229d ago

I hope they don't. They need to return to Dead Space, or better yet, go finish up their Jack the Ripper: Demon Hunter game, just make it a full release instead of a PSN / XBL title.

DarkOcelet1229d ago

Yeah, they need to make Dead Space 4 and Star Wars. So enough Hardline, leave BF for dice and focus on your games.

Seraphim1229d ago

I'm not going to agree or disagree. But I do agree they should move on. They proved how much talent they have with Dead Space and I'd love to see another entry or a new IP. Dead Space would be the safe call but personally I'd love to see them come up with another new IP.

And tbqh EA should have dropped Battlefield from this game. Selling a completely different product on the name of a popular War Franchise. Doesn't sit well with me though because Visceral is behind this it's a game Id normally pass on but do plan on playing. My 2 cents, EA should have used this new approach to create a new IP

_-EDMIX-_1229d ago

"And tbqh EA should have dropped Battlefield from this game. Selling a completely different product on the name of a popular War Franchise."

After playing the beta....just no.

it shares a lot of BF traits and I think it fits the name well, even if as a BF fan I don't care for it. I understand what its part of the series even as a side game.

EA already has Visceral actually working on a Star Wars game (I think its likely what 1313 was)


nope take that back!


1313 was about Boba Fett as a young adult....

Thus...they can't be working on 1313 if its based on the new films coming up.

Lord....oh no, have mercy!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like 1313 is dead guys!

venom061229d ago

its pretty guaranteed that CoD fanboyistic site IGN (and all the little review site that only parrot whatever IGN says) is gonna talk it down and be negative towards it. They wont focus on if its fun or not since Its "cool" and "hip" to be EA/BF haters these days.

Activemessiah1229d ago

Well sounds like somebody is counting their chickens before the eggs even hatch...

Summons751229d ago

Yeah, how dare they hope they game they have been working very hard on is a success and how dare they have hope if by chance it is a success. How dare they have the nerve to be passionate about their ridiculous /s

Activemessiah1229d ago

You're forgetting who they answer to... Maxis found out the hard way.

jmc88881229d ago

Maxis also bombed the new SimCity.

Having played the alpha and beta of Hardline, it's no SimCity or BF4 screwup.

Bathyj1229d ago

I still dont know why EA even bothered to make this game. Why didnt they just make a new Black?

JasonKCK1229d ago

Black is a fun little game.

Ark_1229d ago

If forum talks are any indication, it's not going to happen ...
And to be honest I really don't need another annual franchise. Better be creative and surprise us with innovative gameplay on another or new IP, Visceral.

jmc88881229d ago

It does..did you play the beta?

Heist mode is pretty self-explanatory.

Now I can't remember this other mode, but the point is both teams have to get in these five cars/vans/semi's and drive around for objective points. It's much funner then it sounds. You have one person driving, and up to three people hanging out the windows shooting at the other cars. Plus you have to be wary of people putting breaching charges (c4 basically) on the ground or using rockets. It's a blast.

Plus there's a couple of other new modes that haven't been revealed.

Ark_1229d ago

Short: It's just not my cup of tea + I consider it a ripoff.

Long: I played the first beta and found it very uninspired. Basically a reskin of BF4. I also think that the whole background theme just does not work for a multiplayer shooter like this. Policemen and robbers running around like headless chicken in the middle of a city. No civilians (I know, I know ... it's a closed area), cops with RPGs, Ziplines etc.., a vault in the middle and two money trucks to deliver it to ... Why not just drive the fucking truck to the vault? But I could live with this.
What really bothered me was, that games were over pretty fast and I never had the feeling to actually contribute to the victory. I don't talk about stats. Battlefield is for me about teamplay, squadplay, positioning, tactics ... the feeling to turn a close round by making a bold move into enemy territory etc.

I am absolutly not one of the guys, who needs any kind of pseudo realism (looking at arma, project reality) in his games. But the setting and the gameplay have to fit in its own world. I personally think it would work better as an overthetop 80s shooter, like blooddragon. Add destruction and some more crazy stuff ... basically make it more fun. - And then drop the name "battlefield".

Second beta I did not even play. But some gaming buddies tried it, found it fun for a few rounds and lost motivation quickly. I personally refuse to give EA again 110 bucks for, what is basically, a reskin. It's a ripoff - plain and simple. Modders could do the same. As a multiplayer shooter it's just not worth the money. Make it a standalond expansion for 15-25$ + another 5$ for every DLC and we could talk.

That said: I am really curious about the singleplayer part. In some interview they were saying that they got inspiriation from modern crime series. If they deliver something close to breaking bad, the wire, true detective, luther or the shield storywise, I may be convinced to even pay fullprice. But whom am I kidding here?

Anyway - as allways it's just a personal opinion. I don't think, that it is a bad game on the technical side. They did a lot of good work on BF4 the last year. So, if you played the beta and liked it and feel it's worth it ... just go for it, skip the forum talk and have fun.

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