Curve Digital "Very Happy With Cross-Buy Sales on Nintendo's Platforms"

Curve Digital’s latest Wii U & Nintendo 3ds eShop game, a port of Roll7’s skateboarding game released last week in both North America and Europe. This was the first indie title to fully make use of cross-buy which recently went live, allowing users to buy a Wii U game, to receive a free version on the Nintendo 3DS and vice-versa. As this was the first release, many were watching to see how the title performed, and now Curve Digital Spokesperson Paul Watson, has revealed that they are “very happy” with sales.

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Neonridr1109d ago

Great to hear. Here's hoping more developers utilize the cross buy. I love the fact that if I buy this game, I can also get it "to-go" on my 3DS.

Locknuts1109d ago

I don't have a 3ds, but it's nice to know that if I ever get one that I can play this on the go without having to buy it again.