Dear Bungie, Please Don't Fix Destiny

The temptation has to be there to patch all of it to prevent players from circumventing everything the company spent hundreds of thousands of combined man hours conceptualizing, designing, and testing, over and over again.

Please don't, Bungie.

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n4rc1224d ago

The game is getting more unstable.. Its almost unplayable.

One guy dies in the nightfall.. All of you back to orbit!

No lightswitch? Psych! You'll get insta-meleed anyways.. But only once and awhile..

This isn't even going into the countless raid glitches.. Just what I experienced today running the nightfall for the 2nd time... Its insane how much different it plays from yesterday to today..

Wish they'd just leave the damn game alone.. People cheese your shit because your game does the same to players..

brokenbracket1223d ago

Completely agree, and even when they try to fix things, they screw up something else in the process lol. I still love the game, but man do they need to tighten up.

VVgamer4lifeVV1223d ago

you guys should try Warframe, free to play and runs circles around destiny. Much better game in my opinion.

n4rc1223d ago

I tried it but didn't like the feel of it..

Its just disappointing that a solid game is moving backwards rather then forwards.. People find more enjoyment in cheesing. That should tell them something.. But no, instead of solving the real issue, just work on taking away players workaround.

Stupid bungie... Lol