GDC's Unreal 4 "Kyte" Demonstration Could Point Towards an Open World Gears of War

The Unreal 4 open world demonstration amazed gamers but could also point towards the direction the engine is headed for upcoming titles, including Gears of War.

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urwifeminder1139d ago

Well I hope not don't turn gears into a boring fetch quest with massive tech trees and inventory yuck .

ThinkThink1139d ago

I don't know, I think an open world gears sounds kind of interesting, I'm not saying make it like Fallout though.

DarkOcelet1139d ago

Yes! Thats one game that doesn't need open world. Keep it the same with mindblowing graphics and innovative gameplay features and i will be happy.

Cy1139d ago

Ugh, no. Not everything needs to be open world! God I hate this trend.

spicelicka1139d ago

LOL and what's more funny are the idiots who'll just read the title and go ranting about how Gears shouldn't be open world.

shinrock1138d ago

Totally agree. I wouldn't want the open world thing to ruin the story\campaign.

IVanSpinal1139d ago

I buy Gears of War games because of the multiplayer :)
Maybe they are making a Battlefield+Gears MP mode(64 players) & a Classic Arena Multiplayer (like Gears 3)

KnightRobby1139d ago

See I think this would fit into Gears. As I recall that's what they were originally going to go for. Large open spaces with vehicles, etc. I love Gears though. So I hope they still offer that frenetic CQC multiplayer experience.

Pandamobile1139d ago

This isn't remotely true. You could make a stupid case like this for any feature that's been implemented in Unreal 4.

TRS_Gear1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

I fail to see how the kite demo is relevant to anything that may happen with Gears of War. Epic now holds zero rights to that property, as the name, premise, and all characters belong exclusively to Microsoft now. Yes we can assume that the new Gears game will be built using the Unreal Engine 4, but what Epic decides to use to present their tech, now has nothing to do with Gears of War.

TRS_Gear1138d ago

Not sure how anyone can justify a 'disagree' with my comment. I don't mind people having a different opinion, in fact I encourage it. It's just what I stated above is fact, hard to dispute fact.

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The story is too old to be commented.