Uncharted 4 Delayed – Why This Is A Good Thing

So the hot news of the moment, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has been delayed by Naughty Dog. The latest entry in the beloved Uncharted series was supposed to come out at some undisclosed date in 2015 but due to “bigger ambitions” at the development studio, will now be released in Spring of 2016 instead.

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DarkOcelet1080d ago

Take your time with it Naughty Dog. I want this game to be perfect.

DarkOcelet1080d ago

Seriously, does anybody get disagrees for saying anything here whether its positive or negative?

On Topic: ND are amazing :)

chrismichaels041080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Like I said during the Quantum Break rather have a delayed game be good than a rushed game be a buggy mess. We've already had enough games suffer recently from being rushed (ex: Assassins Creed Unity, DriveClub, Halo Master Chief Collection, etc...)

There is no rush. PS4 already has a ton of games scheduled for 2015 including both retail games and indie titles. There are 12 months in a year. A successful exclusive lineup isnt based on just the last 2 months of the year as certain people would like us to believe.

Septic1080d ago

Tbh this is a big dent to the PS4 lineup this year. It was the biggest title of the year and whilst its good that ND aren't rushing things, Uncharted's absence does leave a hole in the lineup.

But then again, theres E3 and who knows what announcements will be made for 2015.

gangsta_red1080d ago

I don't see what the big deal is. It's almost as if people think that NO OTHER game will be out past or present when ONE game is delayed.

Lets react, not over react!

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RealFry1080d ago

I inherently dislike random dislikes because most of those people never argue why they disliked you. Just anonymizes a lil'hater.

Joda1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

yeah. sure go ahead naughty dog. take your time. take another 6 years. Oh no make it 2026. would that be enough time?

Grow a spine dark ocelet, you defend this weasel like behavior.

If microsoft or nintendo did this you would be saying how there is no titles on their consoles.

The more you goobers defend this behavior the more promises youre gonna get and the less exclusives you'll see.

Spotie1080d ago

So if they put it out before it's ready, you'll bash it to hell. But if they delay it until it's ready, you'll bitch to high heaven?

And, seriously, this is Naughty Dog.

Stop trolling.

AdaptAndOvercome1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

So much wrong in your comment.
You seem to lack basic comprehension.

DarkOcelet1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

What the hell mate? Go to my comments, you will see i was saying the same thing when everyone though Quantum Break was going to be delayed. I said they should take their time on it as long as it is great.

There you go.

uth111080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Why don't they just release it broken and patch it later? I heard that's the cool thing to do these days!

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uth111079d ago

I don't know why you're attacking me, Joda, I mostly agree with you. Development times are getting very long. Too many games get delayed, and the problem gets worse and worse as games get more complex.

I don't know how to fix it if we expect games to always push some envelope though.

Genova841080d ago

Urgh. So sick of these articles. If the game isn't ready then it certainly shouldn't be released. That said, game developers need to start setting realistic release dates or do what Bethesda has done and not announce games 2-3 years in advance. These delays are leaving a really bitter taste in my mouth.

This is exactly why I'm not buying GTA V.

MysticStrummer1080d ago

GTA5 is the one PS4 game I wish I hadn't bought. Not because it's a bad game, but because I played the hell out of it on PS3. The only reason to buy it is first person mode, which I don't even like. Something about it doesn't feel right.

Genova841080d ago

No doubt. I've been waiting for the pc version for forever. Just think with bloodborne/witcher 3, it'll be poor timing for its release. Maybe come steam summer sale, but not before.

lemoncake1080d ago

It was obvious this game was never going to make its 2015 holiday slot, was really surprising when they announced it for then. I would be surprised also if it doesn't get pushed back until closer to holiday 2016, spring just seems like an odd time for such a big named franchise.

Jls11080d ago

If this really is the last Uncharted it needs to be perfect.

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