Bloodborne preview says it only has 12 weapons in the first 40 hours - fans are upset

GotGame writes: Will Bloodborne disappoint after all? Let's look at why this might not be such a big deal.

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DarkOcelet1077d ago

So because a player found 6 weapons in her first 40 hours, the game will disappoint ? WTF kind of logic is that? Its probably going to have tons of weapons. This is getting ridiculous.

GribbleGrunger1077d ago

They must have polled those PS4 gamers pretty quickly to discover they were upset.

Kayant1077d ago

That neogaf first page ;)

GribbleGrunger1077d ago


Yeah, that's what I reckon this 'writer' is using to justify the inclusion of that statement. The usual 'concern trolls' on GAF = Gamers not happy.

Kayant1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )


It's not even a justification or trolls tbh... This site and some others have a tendency to write "opinion pieces" based on things of the same content/so called opinion directly from forums like neogaf/reddit etc. I mean iirc some site made a piece some time ago that was a one-to-one copy and paste of what someone wrote in a thread on gaf + the title.

GribbleGrunger1077d ago


LOL. Yeah, I think I might have seen that.

johndoe112111077d ago

nothing surprising here. It's just your usual "let's crap on another sony exclusive by spreading FUD" article. It had to start somewhere. Give it a couple days after release, mark my words, then you'll start to see the " Is the ps4 in trouble after the disappointing releases of the order and bloodborne?" articles.

pixelsword1076d ago

Get a jillion HP weapon in 100 hours and "I iz bored wit" Destiny:

Get 12 weapons in 40 hours and "I iz disappoint".

Maybe you get 12 in 40 so you can play 500 hours and get that jillion HP weapon, thereby rewarding the true veterans of the game.

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uth111077d ago

And here we go again :/

Watch how many times the 6 weapons complaint gets parroted until the game releases.

GribbleGrunger1077d ago

And watch how many times the 40+ hours (without the Chalice Dungeon) gets ignored. It's getting far too predictable.

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wsoutlaw871077d ago

Ironmans right. These complaints won't affect the sales of the game.

Rachel_Alucard1077d ago

What they mean is a bunch of people in the EDGE reviews comment section are upset = fans

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OB1Biker1077d ago

Why would they be upset? It seems a rather beefy game they were far from completing. I don't get it

DarkOcelet1077d ago

They are just looking for clicks. Another site i will never trust again.

Silly Mammo1077d ago

The media trying to once again tell gamers what they should think and how they should feel about a game. smh

Bdub20001076d ago

And then the comments section below is once again is everyone telling everyone else what they should think and how they should feel. Just saying...

I hope this game turns out to be awesome. I really hope it's not a grind to earn weapons so the developers have a backdoor to let people buy the weapons instead of grind.

Muzikguy1077d ago

Probably means N4G will be flooded with these articles now for the next week. Why pwow look so hard for things to fail is beyond me

KingMe421077d ago

Since trick weapons are 2 movesets in 1, I'm not surprised theres a decline in weapon number, but that doesn't mean a decline in weapon quality.

pivotplease1075d ago

Yeah tricked out weapons plus guns. There is a lot more going on then in previous games so the decline is understandable. So excited to experience the atmosphere of this game.

IrisHeart1077d ago

It's just NeoGaf being NeoGaf.

joab7771077d ago

The only way this game disappointed in even the slightest is b/c of how beloved the Souls games are. Any departure may be seen as a minor disappointment...and there will be many. Now, I believe that when it's all said and done, ppl will like it more. Well, most. But, yes, some just wont. Nostalgia wears rose shaded glasses for sure.

Anyway, imagine if you played Dark Soul's for the 1st time ever. Just dropped in the world. In 40 hrs, how many weapons would you find? I was thinking about it, and it may not have been that many. My only concern is classes. Is there a magic class or classes, and how do they play. Will customization be as deep?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1076d ago

With 12 days to go before Bloodborne is released, the "special treatment" is slowly beginning, started by idiots and clowns who don't even have the common decency to not release information about the game until review embargoes are lifted. Money grubbing trolls that have no sense of fairness or morality even though FromSoftware and Sony were kind enough to give them copies of the game to review.

No wander people aren't paying attention to gaming journalists...


pivotplease1075d ago

It all started with observations from Edge. But in all honesty it sounds like they're going to give it a 9 and others are just nit-picking the observations. 40 hours and not finished the first playthrough is a HUGE pro for most games (especially ones with RPG elements).

assdan1076d ago

If there are less than 20 weapons, I will be very disappointed. I'll still like the game a lot, it could still be my favorite in the series, who knows. But one awesome thing about the souls series was the crazy number of weapons there were. I mean, Dark souls 2 had 25 CLASSES of weapons.

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GameDev11077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Actually not a review, just impressions by Edge magazine for a start

but this was the line actually
"Only found 6 or so weapons and 6 or so guns in 40 hours"

That is about 6 combat weapons and 6 guns, (note weapons can be customized to form another weapon) and also Edge havent also played multiplayer components or even beaten the game which means more weapons can likely be found

So yeah some people will be disappointed as it apparently has less than other soul games but will the whole game disappoint cause of that? are you kidding me?

This is hardly worth making an article for

assdan1076d ago

This is disappointing though if accurate. I'm not saying there needs to be as many as the souls series because the weapons in this game are a lot more detailed, but I was hoping for at least 30 melee weapons.

Snookies121077d ago

So what? If the combat is good, who cares how many weapons you get?

MysticStrummer1077d ago

Much like cars in a racing game, people will end up using a small percentage of the weapons they're given to find or unlock. Plus, in a game like this, there will be certain weapons which will be considered "the best" and after awhile most people will be using those and those only.

joab7771077d ago

I collected them for a trophy, knights I believe, but I only ever used a handful of weapons really. Now, don't get me wrong, customization is a HUGE part of what made Soul's games great, class differentiation, min/maxing etc. And weapons played a part. I don't mind a more action-y combat system, always wondered how it great it may be to have a faster system with the same precise mechanics. But, while Soul's games always get attention for difficulty, it was the depth that I fell in love with, the myriad ways you could build a character and perfect them.

pivotplease1075d ago

Agreed most games have a lot of garbage weapons that are just kind of filler content. They do add a sense of depth to a game though. Maybe there is a lore-related reason for the lack of weapons and chests? Maybe I'm grasping at straws? As long as it doesn't detract from the overall quality of the game, I'm fine with it.

Canary1076d ago

Pretty much everyone who likes RPGs?

Finding and using new weapons and armor is the only real, "tangible" character progression we get in RPGs... if you're stuck using the same equipment for long periods of time, no matter what increases you may or may not have stat-wise, you don't feel like you're making much progress.

MysticStrummer1076d ago

My sense of progress in an RPG has more to do with moving to new areas, being able to defeat tougher enemies, and advancing the story than with new weapons or armor. I do like to customize my character but it doesn't make me feel like I'm making progress.

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