DRM Gamecast - Evil Within The Assignment Review

If you read my review for the main game of The Evil Within then you will know that while it wasn't a bad game, it was far from the return to the survival horror that it was hyped to be. So you would be forgiven for ignoring any DLC the game had to offer. Should you ignore it? Or is it worth your time?

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DarkOcelet1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Woah! Thats a great score, i havent got around to play it yet but that review made it even more exciting to play.

Kurayami mode, here i come <3

"In fact The Assignment is miles better than the main game"

I have finished the main game 6 times now so i have high hopes for this dlc. I am pretty sure i will love it.


That's great to hear! Thanks for checking out the review.

cero551197d ago

I really like the artwork for the dlc.

gangsta_red1197d ago

3 hour gameplay DLC to clear up a $60 mess of a plot. I'm sorry, but I just can't support that.

DemonSlayer4201197d ago

Agree the gameplay is crap and graphics look like PS2.

nowitzki20041197d ago

Not joking. Built my first rig because of this game.

deadpoolio3161197d ago

The camera was the worst...Maybe it was those black bars but it gets old really fast trying to play a game were the camera is constantly in your ass, not just up it literally inside it

Biohazard88601197d ago

Gameplay is crap.. yeah stop sucking at video games casual and graphics are not everything.

paddy951197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

The gameplay was fun, but story was too unfocused

deadpoolio3161197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Even the gameplay was a mess...IF they actually make a sequel hopefully the fix said issues...Like the having to be at just the right angle to pick things up, then you have to do the stupid dancey dance to hit just the right angle even though your looking straight at the object, I even had a lot of things get back up because the prompt for lighting someone on fire wanted to be picky from time to time

And having the camera try to give you a view through your colon, or the run down this hall but your going to get stuck on things when the camera hits some weird angle...

And good got was the hit detection in that game off, shooting a statue 3 times because it doesn't want to detect that you hit it, or knowing full well you fired a head shot at something and yet no hit at all..

Genova841197d ago

I enjoyed the main game, but not for the stealth. I actually like the puzzle aspect of this game and resident evils of yore. That said, a 3 hour story with no weapon does not appeal to me. Think I'll sit this one out.

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