Uncharted 4 Delay Is Bad News For Sony, Won't Be On Time To Take On Halo 5

Earlier today, PlayStation blog announced that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, has been delayed by several months. While gamers are totally not cool with having to wait until Spring 2016 for their next Nathan Drake fix, they are also wary of unoptimized titles that result in a shoddy experience that could ruin everything.

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Neixus1109d ago

But then 2-3months later it will sell like freshly baked donuts and crush Halo 5's sales.

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MasterCornholio1109d ago

Well the Order managed to sell 600k within 24 hours and that game was considered a failure among critics. Just imagine the numbers Uncharted 4 will achieve especially with a massive install base.

Blackleg-sanji1109d ago

Holy crap it sold 600k in one day ?Damn guess I will be getting my sequel I wanted

CYCLEGAMER1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I actually agree with this...the ps4 has the "Tickle Me Elmo, Iphone" effect. The ps4 was such a hyped, "must have" device, that it doesn't matter at this point. The masses has bought into the ps4, so the ps4 cannot lose unless something drastic happens, like a red ring of death type of situation.

The only thing that truly matters to the masses/casuals is, will my Madden, Call of Duty, or Battlefield be on time. Exclusives are mainly for the core audience.

LAWSON721109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

2-3 months?

I could have swore an article recently said Q3 release, while this was delayed until Q2 next year. That is upwards of 6+ months.

Anyways I seriously doubt the game will out sell Halo 5 let alone crush it. But eh, that is just what years of Halo sales show. Install base is irrelevant with exclusive game sales from what I have seen anyway.

Also 600k for The Order is a great number but no where close to what Halo has accomplished with a smaller userbase. It proves nothing for Uncharted's future Halo stompage.

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Thatguy-3101109d ago

Bummer that they delayed it. Microsoft has Tomb Raider and Halo this holiday I'm curious to see if Sony announces anything that would go against them. Darn it I'm pissed I have to wait a full whole year. Let's hope come e3 this have something that that will come this year like they did with lbp3 last year. Games should be announced 6 months prior to release.

MrSec841109d ago

It's possible TLG could be one of Sony's big guns at E3 this year, it could very well be a late 2015 title.
Killzone has been getting a release every 2 years since KZ2 came out, I think we'll be seeing the next game at E3, with a release date slated for this fall.

GT7 will likely be out in November or December this year too.

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sprinterboy1109d ago


Mm new ip for holiday season and possibly horizon plus there's a chance gt7 could make holiday season also

DarkOcelet1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Sorry, i would rather have a complete experience that is delayed to get the bugs sorted out than for it to come earlier broken so it can compete with another game.

Besides there are other exclusives to look for and there are tons of multiplatform games so its all cool.

"Despite being pushed back by several months, Watch Dogs ended up being a terribly optimized title. "

Hahahaha, Naughty Dog release a terribly optimized title? Not in my wildest dreams.

crazytechfanatic1109d ago

Nope, they haven't until now. They are to PlayStation what CD Projekt Red is to PC gaming.

GameDev11109d ago

"Sorry, i would rather have a complete experience that is delayed to get the bugs sorted out than for it to come earlier broken so it can compete with another game"

This very much

If Uncharted releases broken or with lower content than its predecessors cause of the open world gameplay being aimed for, do you think the sales against Xbox will matter?! it will be a stigma on Sony and ND

I certainly dont know what Sony has planned for holiday after this delay but they do have a good bunch of games for 2015 to keep me busy so ND should take their time and release a quality game like they have always done

DarkOcelet1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

So that also means we get Uncharted 4/God Of War 4/Quantic Dreams new Ip/Guerrilla Games Horizon/GT7 in 2016.

Thats amazing.

imt5581109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

OMG! Uncharted 4 is delayed! The world will collapse. I'm crying!

PS4 has plenty of games until end of the year!

Until Dawn
Tearaway Unfolded
Ratchet & Clank
Persona 5
Disgaea 5
Everybody's Gone to Rapture
The Witness
Tomorrow Children
Deep Down
Project Y's (JRPG)
Dragon Quest Heroes
Drawn to Death
No Man's Sky
MLB 15
Omega Quintet

etc, etc, etc...

crazytechfanatic1109d ago

So, which one will take on Halo 5?

RealFry1109d ago

Multiplayer wise? I think Planetside 2 in terms of exclusives will be better. But multiplat games like The division and Battlefront will probably do even better on that front. Story wise: Halo stands on its own. It's down right movie like.

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BlackTar1871109d ago

why does anything have to take on Halo?

MasterCornholio1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Well the PS4 survived the MCC collection which was 4 halo games in one so I'm sure it will do well even against Halo 5.

Farmassy1109d ago

I have played planetside 2 and it's not that great. Are they adding a lot to it for the ps4 release?

Nothing has to take on halo 5 because there will be nothing that compares to uncharted when that comes out. Tit for tat so to speak. Keep in mind I can admit this and I only own an xbox one and ps3

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ninsigma1109d ago

Halo isn't the best game out there. It's great but it's not anything like the level it's fans raise it up to be. It is not the be all end all of what a game should be and there are plenty of games out there that I'd enjoy better (like ori and the blind forest if it ever downloads!!!!).


Uncharted was never going to take on halo anyway, they are two different games that cater to different audiences, Tomb Raider would have been the better comparison for this article.

r2oB1109d ago

The majority of Halo 5 sales will most likely be from people who already own or were already looking to get an Xbox One. I'm sure Sony will be fine considering the amount of other exclusives (and console exclusives) coming to the console. If you want to show concern, it'd be better directed towards the console that only has games coming out at the end of the year, not the console that has games release through out the year.

RealFry1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

@ farmassy

It's fun under the right conditions, there's alot of potential. But it requires a lot of teamwork and organization that most people aren't willing to do, but when it works the payoff is great.

I remember playing with Validus Gamers and it was the best online experience I've ever had:

I get what your saying, some outfits arent the most coordinated or thoughtful so the experience ends up being inconsistent and requires both sides to put in effort to make it fun. But when it works it's unlike any other multiplayer game. Maybe battlefront will be more successful on recreating that large scale thrill, with less organization. Kind of a planetside 2 on auto-pilot.

Also, the chatting was very beneficial to the experience just being able to just talk to friends and teammates was always fun.

This is up to the developer to fix through more dynamic events that should help funnel people and force them to coordinate better. They've been doing that lately but are still refining it. It's a F2P so its always gonna be a work in progress. Still have good feelings about the game.

MysticStrummer1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

The 360 had Halo titles all through last generation, so it doesn't seem like any one game needs to take on Halo 5. UC4's delay sucks but PS4 will still have more games throughout the whole year, while XB1 will get a flurry of releases around the holidays. That's what happened last year and that's what will happen this year.

@RealFry - There is no other game that does what Planetside 2 does, but I don't think console gamers will take to it in a big way. In terms of scale it makes Battlefield look like Call of Duty, but it's learning curve is a lot more steep than any of the big console shooters. Also, the experience you have not only depends on who you play with but also the population of each faction when you play, unlike "normal" shooters that divide the teams up into good guys and bad guys with fairly equal numbers on each side and players can play either side during a given match. Lastly, even the "finished" PC version has a lot more bugs than console players will probably put up with. I love the game, but I don't see it being much a factor in these console wars, even if it was still PS4 console exclusive, but especially now that it will probably make it's way to XB1 eventually.

JasonKCK1109d ago

Isn't Planetside 2 coming to the X1?

ginsunuva1109d ago

how would two games on separate consoles affect each other?

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LMAO....a bunch of niche titles with a sprinkle of potential hits....come on man lets get real here.

MysticStrummer1109d ago

"a bunch of niche titles with a sprinkle of potential hits"

That describes all of gaming pretty well, but PS4 had more games last year and will have more games again this year. This delay sucks but I don't see it having much overall impact, especially when a specific date for UC4 was never announced in the first place.

ninsigma1109d ago

If that's the way you think then you're missing out on some great gaming experiences. The puppeteer from last gen falls into this category and it was an awesome game, as well as journey and the unfinished swan etc.
AAA games are great and it's great to see their production value but I feel like it's games like what are mentioned by imt558 that really carve out great gaming experiences.

Also you disregard these "niche" games yet the biggest two games released this year on the XB1 are scream ride and ori and the blind forest (Just downloaded, whoop!), which are just that.

Each to his own of course, but don't disregard something just because you don't personally see the value in it. It is clear that there is a lot of hype for those games mentioned.

slappy5081109d ago

You forget to mention the forest I played early access on steam, :) it's the best survival game there is. And I hope ratchet is released 2015. Anyways this article make it sound like Dony is doomed. It's sales will constantly be top of the charts the rest of the year, I'm sure they can live with xbox having a stronger holiday.
And as for gamers there's plenty of multiplats and exclusives releasing throughout the year so I'm sure they won't mind either

brich2331109d ago

with the exception of a few, those look mostly like Indie games

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AngelicIceDiamond1109d ago

Well MGSV will release with exclusive content on PS4 on September 1.

With a console bundle, which will result in more crazy sales for the system.

Which is interesting because Sony's doing the very thing its fans hated when MS did it with third party last gen.

Destiny last year now MG

Maybe now some can see the sales power of third party afterall.

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crazytechfanatic1109d ago

Of course, there will always be more 3rd party titles, probably catering to specific audiences. As a result, there will be fewer disappointments from amongst the specific audiences.

What I'm saying is, 3rd party titles are very much required to power a console's popularity and propel sales forward.

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