Ever Wondered What Infamous Would Look Like in Real Life?Then Check Out This Real Life Cole MacGrath

Ever wondered what inFamous would look like in real life? Then wonder no more.

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UltraNova1134d ago

Me neither but I have to admit fan made shorts have improved a lot recently, I mean look at the camera work on this one!

Well done to how ever made it!

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equal_youth1135d ago

This could work really well in a TV setting :D

WizzroSupreme1135d ago

I'd take Jason Statham for a live-action Cole McGrath any day.

Porcelain_Chicken1134d ago

Well he would get the free running right I guess. He seems wrong on every other department though. Voice, looks, he even seems too old.

FullmetalAlchemist1135d ago

"Have you ever wondered what Cole MacGrath would look like if he was strutting his stuff on the streets of the real world?" No... but its not that hard to imagine a white dude with a shaved head running around lol. But on a serious note this video was pretty cool the lightning effects were really good.

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