Latest GTA V Update Contains a Few Annoying Bugs, One Renders Cars Invincible

GTA V's latest update may have brought the long-awaited heists and a few nifty features, but it's also carrying a few rather horrible bugs.

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1105d ago
Rachel_Alucard1105d ago

I got a bug where my characters face got reset to default settings. I still have all the other parts like parents, hair, make-up on but now my nose looks like Mr. Burns, my cheeks are sunken in, and my eyes are up high now.

ArtificiallyYours1105d ago

Considering your typical random scrubs on GTA Online, invincible cars is somewhat of a blessing as it is a curse...

ArtificiallyYours1100d ago

Lol I got a disagree for this. I should glorify the fourteen year old's who don't play GTA Online for fun...

sungam3d1105d ago

Gotta say thanks for your hard work console beta testers =D

MoeStedley1105d ago

Can anyone tell me if heists can be played with less than four players? I was wanting to play them with one friend on pc when it drops. Cant wait!

ChipChipperson1105d ago

I'm not 100% sure about this, because I've only played a few missions of the Heist update(I play on PS4), but it seems that you need to fill up an entire "crew" whenever you're going to do the last portion of a Heist. Maybe with the exception of the first Heist missions where it was a 2 player only job.

So far, from the first two missions, they have these "set-up" missions, similar to the single player portion of the game where you have to do some recon on an area/gather the necessary equipment/vehicles for the heist before you can do it. I'm not sure if those need to have an entire crew present in order to play though.

But, for the final portion of a heist mission, I believe you do need a full crew, because depending on the mission, each member will have some sort of role in the actual mission, and they're pretty specific type of roles, like the player who's designated as the Demolition guy has to get the prison bus, destroy it at a designated location, get the attack chopper and provide cover for another player in the crew, the Pilot guy, who has a completely different job to do like piloting the plane, that you stole from the set up mission, and land it at an airstrip for the other two players, the Guard and Prisoner, who just fought their way out of prison to get the "objective/VIP" to escape in. And all of this is happening at the same time, you go and do your thing and/or wait for the others to complete their job until you regroup and complete the mission... so, the Heist missions depend pretty heavily on actual coordination with the other team members and patience.

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