Official PlayStation Gear Store Open for Business

PSBlog: We are excited to announce the grand opening of the PlayStation Gear Store at The PlayStation Gear Store is a one stop shop for officially licensed PlayStation merchandise and exclusive items from your favorite games like The Last of Us, inFAMOUS, Uncharted, The Order: 1886 and Killzone.

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Relientk771043d ago

Get more PS1 and PS2 retro stuff, like a shirt with the PS1 logo

-Foxtrot1043d ago

Of course....US only, just like the ND store

Because PS fans out of the US don't exist ¬¬

By the time they do outside of the US all the good stuff will have vanished being limited runs

Thatguy-3101043d ago

Limited stuff???O.o I better hop on it then.

R3ddSaiyan1043d ago

Picked up the symbol messenger bag. Yeah!

WizzroSupreme1043d ago

That's some darn nice swag.

JoeReno1043d ago

grabbed that Killzone sweatshirt.