The dark history of gaming's hidden genitals

GamesRadar:"There was outrage today as it was discovered that a consultant artist had filled State of Decay's textures with genitals. The various hidden dangles, whaps and Georgia O'Keefe knock-offs have been removed from the upcoming HD remaster, but the revelation raises questions about one of gaming's deepest, sweatiest secrets - hidden genitals. Today, I lift the lid (urgh) on some grubby images you might never otherwise have noticed."

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Stiffler1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

My first thought also haha

choujij1222d ago

lol @ CallOfDutyFan. Can't believe you posted that pic... XD

On topic, a lot of these are really reaching.

Pintheshadows1221d ago

Blimey, Gamesradar has fallen a long way.

ibrake4naps1221d ago

Only gamesradar would have the balls to whip this out.