PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Screenshots Revealed by Dengeki; Show Combat Bathed in a Blood-Red Light

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation had an article on Bloodborne, including quite a lot of new screenshots.

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u got owned894d ago

This game... Cant wait. First review coming out tomorrow from Edge :)

Abriael894d ago

It's not a review. The "verdict" part was misleading. Just a preview with interview.

Farsendor1894d ago

Not sure why you got disagrees Embargo doesn't lift for another week.

breakpad894d ago

what i see is that they kept the blood intact ..that a good thing

894d ago
Tedakin894d ago

Yeah I saw the VERDICT and was like... this isn't a review? Extremely misleading on their part.

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GetSomeLoGiK894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

I read it, it's not a review since they couldn't do co op, pvp, and the chalice dungeons. They said the review will come out like a month later after tomorrow. Judging from what I read though, they love it. Their first playthrough took about 40 hours and that's without the co op, pvp, and chalice dungeons which means a single player only run is about 40 hours which is fucking awesome. This game will keep me busy for a while.

SpinalRemains138894d ago

40 hours sounds exactly on par with its predecessors.

Of course most put in hundreds of hours to maximize fun and playability, but 30-40 hrs is exactly where the main story should be.

That's a great sign, because I wasn't aware of the standard length for this title.

Thank you.

vishmarx894d ago

they actually said they played for 40hrs and it doesnt look like theyre even remotely close to the ending

assdan894d ago

I'm hoping 40+ hours. And from knows how to make a great 40 hours.

TOPRPGNUT893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

40 hours in. And still no end near. That's what was said. :)

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Maxor894d ago

I thought reviews don't matter....

thorstein894d ago

They don't. Watch Dogs, The Order and this will prove that. Don't worry though, we are already seeing hate articles for Bloodborne. And it was predicted by many users a month ago. This isn't a review.

Mega24894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

My body is ready, I even played Dark Souls from start to finish just to be prepared, just two more weeks.

@below Dark Souls 1 is just as hard friend, can't say the same for DS2.

Ripsta7th894d ago

U played the wrong one lol
This one is suppose to stay true to Demon Souls

SpinalRemains138894d ago

I disagree.

Maybe its because I played Demons' Souls prior to the wiki and guides, and because it was my initial baptism into the Souls universe; but hands down, Demons' Souls was the hardest of the three.

Forn894d ago

Agreed, though I love them both for different reasons. Bloodborne is going to be incredible, I can just feel it. Excited to sacrifice another few hundred hours of my life to it haha.

assdan894d ago

If this game were as hard as Demon's souls, I would be so happy.

Nucler100894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

I neeeed it. Sooo cloose. Yet sooooo farrr.

etownone894d ago

Waiting for reviews.

Looks great so far

FullmetalRoyale894d ago

Waiting for my game to unlock. ;)

GiggMan894d ago

Seriously? Waiting on reviews?

I'm guessing people don't make their own decisions anymore. This generation of gamers is lost.

thorstein894d ago

I think they do. Sales of games shows this to be true.

etownone894d ago

Yeah waiting on reviews.

Like I did with The Order... I think I woukd have been pissed spending full price for that shirt campaign with all those cutscenes.

fonduktoe894d ago

This game looks so good it makes my penis cry.

Clover904894d ago

Think you might have the clap.