Devs at CD Projekt RED Ready to Work on 'Guns and Stuff' for 'Cyberpunk 2077'

Senior Gameplay Designer at CD Projekt RED Damien Monnier was reflecting on the studio's work on The Witcher 3 and made a comment about Cyberpunk 2077 and how some developers are excited to work on the game.

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medman1222d ago

I second that motion.

NovusTerminus1223d ago

Good, I was hoping this game was not Vaporware. Really looking forward to seeing it!

DarkOcelet1223d ago

I am pretty sure this will go into full production once The Witcher 3 goes gold.

NovusTerminus1223d ago

Same, but after that trailer we heard nothing else, I know CD is not multiple studios, but I was getting worried with no mention or anything really.

I expected it after the Witcher 3, but I was getting worried with the lack of ANY kind of news, or mention of it.

annoyedgamer1223d ago

Last great Cyberpunk game to look forward to. EA canned 1313 and Square Enix will almost certainly mess up Deus Ex sequel.

Very grateful of CD Project

Roccetarius1223d ago

1313 was Cyberpunk? That's certainly news to me, or maybe i just couldn't see it in what they showed us.

Either way, it amazes me that people missed Cyberpunk 2077's trailer was used as a developer recruitment.

annoyedgamer1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

CD Project Red was interested in the title

Here is some concept art of 1313. It is cyberpunk.


hkgamer1223d ago

nice concept art for 1313, never seen those before. a little too earthy(?) for me though, doesnt really match anything we seen from star wars movies though i do admit i dont follow anything non star wars movie related. its a shame it was canned,

does se have much control over deus ex? i always presumed that they just left the western studios to carry on doing whatever they did before.

im personally just waiting for kojima to make a cyberpunk game.

annoyedgamer1223d ago

Well I lost hope after their Sleeping Dogs nonsense. They made Dues Ex mobile games but I looked the other way.

_-EDMIX-_1223d ago

"doesnt really match anything we seen from star wars movies"

Thats because 1313 in terms of the levels deep in the planet Coruscant, on the films is not shown that deep, they only refer to the 5,000 levels.

1313 in terms of levels is still epic and needs to show some sort of life as its this massive city underworld.

Square has left Deus Ex to its original developers at Edios to do. They are currently working on a new Deus Ex too btw.

and Kojima actually did one with Snatcher, it would be cool to get a next gen sequel though!!!

"i always presumed that they just left the western studios to carry on doing whatever they did before. "

They do.

Similar to what Sega has done with its newly bought teams over the years. just let them be and collect da moneyz!!

_-EDMIX-_1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

??? Sooo many noob wrongs with that post its not even funny.

First EA didn't can 1313, Luca's Arts went under as they spent more money then they made and their games took, way, way, waaaay to long to release...if they actually even released.

Second...if anything EA is giving LIFE to 1313 seeing how its likely Visceral studios will likely port or just do an entirely new game surrounding 1313 seeing how it was in development and it can just be ported to Frostbite 3 etc.

Edios at Square did a great job with Deus Ex, Deus Ex revolution is such an amazing game, as a Deus Ex fan, I'm happy to see the series get such a game. (Invisible War isn't something I care to remember exist)

I'm sorry but be grateful that Edios is a great team and lots of the original series staff was on to make Deus Ex Revolution a great game.

SOooo please dear god know the difference between a DEVELOPER and a PUBLISHER!

Square didn't MAKE that game, they PUBLISHED that game. No team at Square's studios have worked on that series. Its still being done by those same teams, when Square bought them and the license, they let the teams continue their work, just like with Tomb Raider, just like Sega and Atlus etc.

I think we have room for many great Cyberpunk games.

I personally would like to see Bethesda take a crack at it!

I'm also hoping Cyberpunk 2077 plays a lot of like Witcher 1 ala NeverwinterNights controls.

and I would never call 1313 "cyber punk" it doesn't fit really any of the art concepts that would deem it that. Its purely sci-fi. Just because its dark, doesn't make it "cyber punk" lol. Consider Killzone has the same art direction if you've ever played Killzone 2 when they are on Helghan. I would not call Killzone series..."cyberpun k"

A great understanding of "cyberpunk" would be Bladerunner. Its has to do with Cybernetics, androids, etc. Matrix would fall under that as well, it has deeply to do with "cyborizing" or "implants" or "prosthetic" etc

Ghost In The Shell, Deus Ex, Bladerunner, Alien series all have those concepts. Though Star Wars 1313 had simlar concepts, it would not deem it "cyberpunk" based on that. That just means, by some default all scifi is "cyber punk" when I don't feel that is the case.

slappy5081223d ago

Good I hope to see gameplay and stuff soon

Mega241223d ago

Awesome, interested in 2077 since the first trailer.

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