Vote for Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition Content Now

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have an interesting plan for the collector's edition content of their upcoming game Just Cause 3.

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-Foxtrot889d ago

Good Lord people please vote for the replica grappling hook

Grappling Hook
Can't decide on third one, the hook might be expensive so it would be safe going with the map

xHeavYx889d ago

Voted for the Grappling Hook, Backpack and the first Diorama. I would have voted for the second one, but I hate yellow sport/super cars.

-Foxtrot889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

I was thinking about the Diorama but that and the grappling hook look like the main piece of a collectors edition. Both of them would be pricey

I wouldn't mind but the developer wouldn't pick both

Clunkyd888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Voted for Steelbook, Hook, and Artbook.
I highly doubt that they're going to add more than 1 statue in a collectors edition.

DarkOcelet889d ago

Thats very nice. Grappling Hook for the win.
Destructible General Statue
Steelbook Case

DemonChicken889d ago

Grappling hook - obvious icon for the game!
rc heli

crazychris4124889d ago

RC Copter
Die cast cars
Map but I think they should include it with all of the editions like Rockstar does with GTA

Steelbook or the grappling hook would be cool too

DawginTow1889d ago

Went standard/realistic (aka boring ;P): Artbook, Map & Steelcase. Other stuff was cool, maybe a bit out there, & deffo ++$$$. Just want the game & sum nice stuff that compliments, augments & informs, for a non-extortion price.

Meaty making-of docs would b nice too, either on gamedisc or separate DVD

-Foxtrot889d ago

Always on the game disc, there is plenty of room

Making of DVDs should never be counted as a "Collectors edition" contents as it's 1) Not very collectible when people will end up putting it on Youtube anyway and 2) Giving them a free pass to make you pay a lot of money for these editions despite the fact something like the Making of DVD costs them hardly nothing to make.

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