‘Mass Effect 4’ Gamers Want a Prequel; Devs Give Thumbs Up on Game’s ‘Milestone Review’

"Mass Effect 4," or whatever name its developers would call it, had been making fantastic ripples in the gaming community. Amazingly, it had been doing it with literally no effort. It was the hardcore fans that had been shelling their ideas on what they want to see on the upcoming game that became highly anticipated due to its secrecy.

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masterfox1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

gamers want a prequel ?, are they re#$%%artded or something ? is hard to believe gamers want that.

We want new characters
New storylines
New gameplay
New bad ass enemys

Why is so damn hard to do that ?, I mean aren't they getting paid to be working on new ideas? and creating new experiences? damn this uncreative devs!

KiwiViper851165d ago

Id rather have a Remastered Trilogy than a prequel...

Haki11121165d ago

Nope that's worst than a prequel and would be a slap in the face after that ending fiasco. We want a new game with new story set AFTER the events that happened with Shepard!

_-EDMIX-_1165d ago can do both. Its not even likely that Bioware will even do the port as ports are done by other teams most times then the original core team.....

Porting isn't developing sooooooo

BattleAxe1165d ago

This is nonsense..... Gamers want the story to progress and keep moving forward. Prequels only happen when the development studio has completely run out of good ideas.

DarthZoolu1165d ago

I absolutely dont want a prequel! I hate them! I like new new stuff!

AntoineDcoolette1164d ago

You guys down talk the idea of a prequel as if it couldn't be done well. There are countless cycles that the reapers have culled and infinite potential for world and lore building.

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joab7771165d ago

I want it long after Mass Effect 3. Some similar races, evolved ones, new ones. Humanity could be positioned anywhere. Start in a very dark time in which the universe is ruled by some evil force...and a small band of rebels.

Seriously though. It works. You can choose your hero from any race, or class etc. And go from there.

BongSmack1165d ago

I don't want a prequel. But 4 things I can think of off the top of my head that a prequel would almost certainly have:

New characters
New story lines
New game play
New bad ass enemies

medman1165d ago

I thought they already confirmed it was not a prequel? What dumb arse wants a prequel? What rubbish.

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-Foxtrot1165d ago

Prequel....urmmmm no we don't, especially for a main title

We know what has happened in the past, it would be boring playing something we know the outcome to.

700p1165d ago

Yeah I havnt seen one mass effect fan say they want a prequel. I KNOW I DONT!

AngelicIceDiamond1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Don't listen to them Bioware they're trolling hard. A prequel would be useless for ME.

ME is a game that's known for its gameplay features. Gameplay features that can always be enhanced, tweaked, customized it can always be better with each installment, on Biowares end.

Doing a prequel will detract away from the gameplay. Instead of making it better. Giving us the same stuff over and over. And that goes with most prequels in a series.

Like I said Bioware smartly tailor the gameplay to where they can build up on it with each sequel changing and enhancing gameplay features.

Its smart how they built the gameplay mechanics from the first one. Though ME2 was a backtrack from 1, 3 blended 1 and 2's mechanics making it much better.

Perfect example of the flexible gameplay mechanics Bioware created in Mass Effect series. They can simply change and enhance them

In a world where your character fights get better equipment gets better, guns get better, powers just get stronger and smarter period it only makes sense from a gameplay point of view to not do a prequel.

In terms of worlds we'll just be on planet earth or whatever your character is from.

Training, and more training using the same guns, abilities armor that we have before.

Nothing new.


Mega241165d ago

Whole lot of Nope, I prefer to see more future events in the universe of ME. We already know enough of past events. I read almost every codex entry in ME.

LightDiego1165d ago

The people who want a prequel, are the same who want more FF XIII sequels.

_-EDMIX-_1165d ago

Loads up shotgun....

(worst FF!)

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