PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne's Director Talks About "Manageable" Difficulty, Lack of Classes and More

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is right beyond the corner, and Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki talked more about the game in an interview on the latest issue of Edge.

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SpinalRemains138956d ago

Sooooooo, its going to be along the lines of the previous games difficulty. Good.

Classes didn't matter in any of the previous games anyway. They were just a way to pick your initial stats, but once you were 15 hours in that stuff goes out the window. You build your own guy how you want.

Qrphe956d ago

They did matter when making stat-specific builds. Actually, more like they got on the way of making such builds.

MasterCornholio956d ago

And the hate begins.....

Seriously what is your issue with the game?

Master-H956d ago

And the bare bones shit-tier trolling begins..

SpinalRemains138955d ago

Ripsta, Navajo call you "Never played Souls game"

Forn956d ago

From the list I saw a while ago it looks like you can start your characters in just as ways than in previous Souls games as far as stats. Though in the long run it doesn't matter much.

Jughead3416956d ago

Correct. It doesn't matter much how you start. You start with different armor and base stats. By the time you're 10 hours in, you play how you like. For instance, I just started Demon's Souls again as a knight. Now I'm level 35 and my character is more of a sorcerer now based on how I chose to level him up.

WizzroSupreme956d ago

If it's anything like Dark Souls, than a "manageable difficulty" is the easiest it could ever be.

dizeestl956d ago

so many butthurt xbox nerds.

Gilgamesh15956d ago

I only saw one, but ok. On topic, as in all of the Souls series, you just have to pay attention and it's really not as hard as people seem to make it. If you get lazy and take chances, you will die.

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