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DarkOcelet1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

I saw that coming especially after the PS4 gameplay. It looked seriously unpolished and had texture pop in. Low res cockpit view. They could use the time. And hopefully they make it look like a proper current gen game on consoles.

traumadisaster1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Vaporware. Company will go out of business and join THQ.

I've been following this on steam early access for seems a decade.

deadpoolio3161048d ago

Jesus do some of you people have nothing better to do than sit around and wait for a game to get delayed just to rush out the derp derp vaporware comment....

A game has to be delayed for YEARS and console GENERATIONS to be vaporware, not just a few months...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1048d ago

Deadpoolio, you're right. I don't think it's vaporware just yet but this IS the 3rd or 4th time this game has been delayed. I'd like to think that devs have finally decided to stop releasing unfinished games which is good but at the same time it's like how long does it freaking take to fix this stuff.

Blurmobjet1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

I'm sorry but I hope that PS4 footage that was just recently released was not this final build of the game or I would suggest you guys find another racing game to look forward to.

That game looks like it was STILL a good year and a half off from being just a standard looking racer!

uth111048d ago

@deadpoolio - Project Cars was supposed to be released in 2012. Does that meet your definition of vaporware yet?

Griever1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

This is really funny. I remember the time when the Wii U owners and PC gamers hyped this game to high heaven for looking mind-blowing and being a true racing simulator. All the while they bashed Gran Turismo, Driveclub and sometimes even Forza. Then it suddenly went mutliplat and the Wii U owners went silent as they lost exclusivity. Then the Wii U version was delayed and they were really embarassed and completely stopped caring about their once prized exclusive. Then came the screenshots and gameplay vids and the PC gamers went from boasting the visuals to defending them. Finally, the game got delayed on all platforms and the fans were still defending it in the name of polish. Now with the latest video and delay, all the hype and anticipation has died down. Now the fans who hyped this game are nowhere to be seen. So much crow and humble pie being served. Pride always has a fall.

guitarded771048d ago

Is it okay to just laugh at this point? After all the trolls using it to downplay the visuals in every other driving game... after the what seems like never ending development... after all the hype. I think it will eventually see a release, but will it make any money after this long in development? I was interested a couple of years ago, now I just don't care.

Vegamyster1048d ago


Was any of that necessary? All fanboys hype everything, its not restricted to one platform/thing.

dantesparda1048d ago

Yeah, the game did not look good int he last video I saw. I thought the game was going to be a graphical showpiece, but not according to what I saw.

Redempteur1048d ago

not vaporware, they are just trying to earn the "most delayed" trophy/achievement.

All according to their plans

Dee_911048d ago

so a 3 month delay in all huh..I probably wouldn't mind normally because I know stuff happen's but, SMS smugness and the shots they took at GT and Forza and all the hype they themselves made, I get the feeling these guys are all talk right now.Don't make a release date unless your 100% sure you can release it on that date.As it stands they are "99%" complete with the game, whats to say that final 1% wont take another 6 months? Make a release date when you are 100% complete.If they initially said mid may I wouldn't have an issue..

RumbleFish1048d ago

Wow, so much hate! I joined pCARS on 13-10-2011. Today I tested the newest build of the game. It looks good and it feels good.
I don't know anything about the console versions of pCARS but the PC version will be really great. Funu to drive and will look and perform very good on a good machine.

UltraNova1048d ago


I want to know how excited you are for a game you've been playing in bits and pieces for 4+ years now? I'm not trolling you seriously!

Personally I don't even touch demos and some times even trailers just so the game would feel fresh.

inveni01048d ago

I've said it before: This game spent way too long in development. The engine is too old. It's no longer cutting edge, which is what garnered it some attention in the first place. Now, they have virtually nothing going for them, so they have to get the physics perfect, include tons of content, and perhaps even enter the marketplace at a discount.

subtenko1048d ago

Drive Club ftw! By the time project cars comes out, a few more sony racers will be even more advanced.

pixelsword1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

I'm torn: they shouldn't put out a game that needs to be patched, so I laud them for that; but on the other hand, they should have never announced the game's release date because they obviously can't keep a design schedule.

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Mega241048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

This game is never coming out is it? They keep pushing it every month, starting to lose hype for it.

Also, that video that was posted earlier showed lost of graphical issues, like pop-ins and whatnot. They should just delay it until they feel comfortable with it. Each time we get close to release is just another disappointing news after another.

DarkOcelet1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

I think the game might come at October or something this year. They seriously need to sort many things out.

At the video, the guy was saying it had Photorealistic graphics. I laughed my @ss off lol. Its not even close. Maybe on PC it is but on console, its not.

Ripsta7th1048d ago

Thing is Driveclub lools so good that it set a pretty high standard

DarkOcelet1048d ago

Its not that DC looks so good, its about PC looks average at best. I mean come on, did you see that cockpit view? What the hell is that? its like a PS3 game.

lodossrage1048d ago

@Dark Ocelot

That makes sense that you feel it looks like a PS3 game, this game was originally a last generation game in the first place.

Remember, they were showing this game off back when Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3 were still the talk of the town.

Yeah, it's been THAT long. What doesn't make sense is that after ALL this time, it doesn't look at least equal to today's driving games. Hopefully, the game play makes up for it (for SMS sake)

SniperControl1048d ago

Damn weird, i got a email from them today discussing the upgrade from beta to full game on Steam, no mention on there about it being delayed.

Me-Time1048d ago

They mentioned it's getting closer to its release (using different words). I'm not going to quote the message. I'm still excited for this game. I won't have to upgrade from my G27 to a "next-gen" steering that'll end up costing much more than my PS4. Even then, the physics feel good and I wonder if the final code will be optimized well enough for my computer to play it at NEAR ultra graphics. I can only really play it at 50fps with mostly ultra graphics settings.

deadpoolio3161048d ago

Well they know they cannot release a crap racing game also, driveclub already blows it away so does Forza...Now there is a new Forza and Gran Turismo 7 to deal with....

If they expect the game to sell, they need to polish the hell out of it and try to get it on the same level at least as its competition or whats the point

DarkOcelet1048d ago

Yeah, especially since they have been hyping it so much. Hopefully for the sake of the people waiting for it, that it actually delivers a good experience.

Knushwood Butt1048d ago

For a game that has, 'project', in the title, they're not doing a very good job of managing that project.

Ark_1048d ago

Made me laugh. Funny bubble for you, sir.

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Az1mov1048d ago

do we have any new release date, or just pushed until further notice?

zeal0us1048d ago

Mid-May but given how there's no definite date, I would take it with a grain of salt.

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TheCommentator1048d ago

Once again, SMS over-promises on their product. Do they know Peter Molyneux?