Battlefield Hardline Unlikely to Repeat Battlefield 4's Stumbles, Dev Says

"We're in far better shape" than Battlefield 4, Hardline's lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser says.

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Rimeskeem1195d ago

They sure?

I mean it's literally copy and paste with different game modes, maps, and story

DragoonsScaleLegends1195d ago

I actually had fun in the Hardline beta something I rarely had in BF4, I finally deleted BF4 off my PS4. I was just clearing the trash to give me more space.

Allsystemgamer1195d ago

I had the opposite experience. Played 4 matches of hardline and deleted the beta. It's not a cops and crooks game. Why the SWAT run around with RPGs is beyond me.

QSPR1195d ago

Really? ?? Cuz the beta was a disaster, don't tell me about resolution 900p like BF4... no thanks. Battlefield DLC I'll pass

annoyedgamer1195d ago

Funny because these "stumbles" are not exclusive to Battlefield, they are seen with all titles published by EA...

JWiLL5521195d ago

Thad Sasser is one unfortunate name.

crimsonfox1195d ago

I had to re-read it twice. Honestly thought it was a typo.

Toiletsteak1195d ago

Well that doesn't sound good, i would prefer them to say "it won't happen" not "unlikely"

DragoonsScaleLegends1195d ago

Unless the final version is worse than the beta I think it is highly "unlikely". But who knows the servers have been the worst thing about PS4 and this might get overloaded the first couple days too. COD AW is still a laggy mess but as far as I know BFH has dedicated servers just like BF4 so...

Avernus1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago ) is this a PS4 thing? EA are in charge of their servers, not SONY.

COD AW, as all CoD games, use P2P servers, so again, how is that SONY's fault.

urwifeminder1195d ago

Will check it out when it hits $10.

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The story is too old to be commented.