Destiny House of Wolves DLC Might Arrive in May, Major Content Drop More Like WoW Expansion

Bungie's Destiny has become an unprecedented success for the company despite several issues that have arisen since launch.

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Neonridr1226d ago

might?? Dear god, it better. Otherwise tons of people will have moved on. I'm already dreading another month of just doing the Vault and Crota's End over and over..

GameSpawn1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

At least you have a Raid group. I sat on the LFG for half an hour last night...nothing. I'm more than high enough level for VoG Hard and CE Normal. I would stave off Crota until I had a few more good weapons, but I'm plenty good for VoG. I just have a real crappy schedule to have free time for the Raids.

Neonridr1226d ago

to be honest, I use reddit and do my searches there.

and I usually never have a problem finding people. Off hours can take a little bit longer, so I understand what you mean about a crappy schedule, but it has worked for me thus far.

GameSpawn1226d ago

I'll give Reddit a try then if it is working well for you. The DestinyTracker LFG, while nicely featured, has been pretty useless.

NewMonday1226d ago


using LFG I finished 3 nightfall a 3 full Crota Raids in just over 2 hours with several groups.

use the phone when looking up LFG and replay quickly to the "LFM" posts, they are the quickest to join. if you have a tracking rocket launcher mention it.

and the best place to find teams is, post your information AND look up the posts at the same time

MysticStrummer1226d ago

My biggest complaint about this game is the need to use a 3rd party to find a group. So ridiculous.

Kribwalker1225d ago

I sure hope it's out too. I've been able to solo the lamps with my hunter no cheating and we can beat the bridge with three of us but IR YUT is tough without 6. So is the vault of glass, and more and more friends are moving on making it tougher to do the raids.

Conzul1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Well no one really wants to do Crota that badly anymore, since its "endgame" weapon is trash.

I go to the tower and invite with "Atheon cp hard" and it fills up no time. Not to mention it's fun and not so punishing as the last part of the Crota raid.

Edit: if you're on PS4 add me, I tend to run the sword a lot for groups that still don't know what end of it to hold.

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KwietStorm1226d ago

I already moved on. I have all the exotics, 3 lvl 32 guardians, and everything else I'm gonna get in the game. I'm not going to be running the same thing over and over. I have the season pass, so I'll come back around and see if House of Wolves is worth it, but they really pissed on us with the way this game was designed. With Bloodborne and Borderlands on the 24th, Destiny can take a well deserved break.

Themba761225d ago

do you have the platinum though

Conzul1224d ago

You got dem 100 Rumble wins?
I salute you sir! (I'm only at about ~40)

its_JEFF1225d ago

@Neonridr I'm with you man. HoW needs to drop as soon as they can get it out! The sooner the better, there is nothing left to do in the game. If it is a May release, I'm guessing the servers are going to be pretty empty from late March to late April.

brokenbracket1225d ago

You can also use the forums on to look for raid groups. If you go into the recruitment page, and look for specific threads dedicated to VoG or Crota's End, you should be able to get a group together in under five minutes.

You can also download the app if you have an android or Iphone, it's a lot quicker that way. I just hit 32 on my Titan so if you're ever looking for someone to run a raid with, I'm usually running raids on Fridays and Saturdays. Add black_devil22 on PS4

TheRedButterfly1225d ago

Tons of people have already moved on... Half of my raid group has already sold the game to GameStop despite having ALREADY PAID FOR House of Wolves.

Yeah, they'd rather sell the game than wait for the DLC they already purchased to release.

And part of me really wishes I would join then. I haven't played the game in months, and honestly I'm not looking forward to putting it back in just to play a raid I know I'll probably complain most of the way through.

I'm so disappointed in Bungie. And yeah, most of that is my fault for believing they could do no wrong, but it's not like we had any reason to doubt that Destiny would be everything they promised.

It's a shame that the makers of Halo have Fallen (HA! Get it?!) so far...

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CorndogBurglar1226d ago

Unprecedented success??

Say what?

I don't think Destiny's success is unprecedented at all. Even haters of Destiny will have told you before its release that it was going to be a huge success.

objdadon1226d ago

Actually the haters said it would die by now. Every new game that comes out they claim it will kill destiny but none have done it yet.

MysticStrummer1226d ago

Yeah I was watching a stream of some other game and people were saying Destiny is dead. They want it to be, but it isn't.

objdadon1225d ago

Don't know how anyone can disagree with the truth lol

CorndogBurglar1226d ago

If they're goal is to keep people engaged in between expansion packs, then they need to make sure there is enough content to do that.

It has to be reasonable too. I play about 3-4 hours every night. I've done everything. The only reason i keep coming back is in hopes of getting the Exotic weapons i want. I'm starting to get weary. I still have about a month and a half, presumable, to wait until House of Wolves. I just don't know if I can keep it up until then.

We'll see...

DivoJones1225d ago

I like how he cites active daily player numbers, and each time the number grows. Apparently 0 people quit this game and it grows by millions of players every few months. Because nothing hooks millions of new players like playing the same few strikes over and over.

Nineball21121225d ago

I was wondering about the jump in players too. The only thing that makes sense to me is there were probably a bunch of people who got the game for Christmas.

Spurg1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I understand how people feel when they cant do raids...Bungie needs to add matchmaking...basically what we are doing is manual matchmaking. We don't even consider who is it or how good they are we just put a random group together to attempt the raid.

Battlefieldlover1226d ago

I've used LFG alot and the groups are pretty paticular with who they want. Correct weapons, level, and gear. I've been apart of groups that have failed so miserably that it was just sad. I think Matchmaking in Nightfalls and Raids is just going to cause more headaches. An Option would be something i guess but don't be fooled by these Solo videos, these raids are hard and it only takes one weak link to make a 45 min raid into a 5 hour head bashing experience.

MysticStrummer1226d ago

Agreed with all that, but the option should be there. It's beyond silly to need a 3rd party website or app to get a group together.

TimelessDbz1225d ago

Game would had been better off with a paid to pay monthly subscription then a one time feed.

objdadon1225d ago

No,no,no! Absolutely no!!!!!

TimelessDbz1225d ago

Why not? Guild Wars 2 is a good example when you do a one time purchase and expect content to keep coming out. How are they going keep the player base entertain until the expansion?

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