The 5 Worst Minigames in Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is famous for a number of reasons. Engrossing stories, epic summons, and beautiful graphics. But it's also got terrible minigames.

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kalkano922d ago

X is definitely deserving of having the top 3. It's astounding that the same game with such terrible minigames, also has Blitzball (which I think is the best minigame ever, though flawed).

cluckey07922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

Blitzball is easily one of the best minigames ever. I still believe they could release it as a standalone handheld game. Yes it is flawed. Too hard off the bat, too easy after countless hours of leveling up. Blitzball and the Card game from 8 I believe are hands down the best two.
But lets make it clear that blitzball in the sequel X-2 is just plain awful, a dumded down version of its predecessor.

ShugaCane922d ago

Okay your last sentence got me reassured.

I never understood how to play Blitzball in X-2 lol

user5575708922d ago


you dont play it. it plays itself and gets really annoying. all they had to do was just polish FFX blitzball and it would have been amazing

WildArmed922d ago

Exactly my thoughts.

I was like FFX's blitzball better not be on there... then I saw three FFX minigames..

Can't argue with that. I really hated the other chocobo one too.

HentaiMasterRace922d ago

FFX should definitely take the cake on this one.

Rebel_Scum922d ago

Chocobo racing in FFVII was pretty boring. Especially with all the effort required for getting the golden chocobo. Can't believe the writer didn't like Speed square.

FFIX with Quina chasing frogs or flies or whatever it was was bad also.

BassMan125922d ago

I wish they make another Gold Saucer like place in XV.

I admit it, I always feel happy and excited every time I visit that place. And I tour the whole place in my every visit before I leave.

cpayne93921d ago

Yeah but the games themselves were boring. I loved ff vii, but I wish it had better minigames, most all felt pointless.

Jinryo922d ago

I liked Speed Square. I was playing it especialy for 1/35 Soldier. Sadly, there was nothing for getting 35 piece of this item :(

kingdip90922d ago

I agree speed square was awesome! Those listle bugger flying saucers could be a pain to shoot sometimes

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