Most Anticipated Games of 2015 - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End | OnlySP

OnlySP: Well, we literally just posted this preview yesterday and now the game has been, enjoy?

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PockyKing892d ago

Literally posted this preview yesterday...thanks Naughty Dog for the heads up lol ;)

crazychris4124892d ago

lol dont feel too bad, I bought Carmageddon: Reincarnation last week for $30, dropped to $15 on Monday

Neonridr892d ago

too bad it's been delayed to 2016...

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TearsOfARapper84892d ago

Someone likely doesn't follow video game news..

xHeavYx892d ago

Someone didn't read the first comment...

WizzroSupreme892d ago

Man, now I wish this was still in the 2015 list. Them's the breaks...

LAWSON72892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

I wish I could say it blows my mind so many people dont read the first sentence in the summary, but it doesn't lol

JasonKCK892d ago

Some people read the headline and go straight to the comments.