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EB's Matt Heywood writes, "Ori and the Blind Forest debuted at E3 2014 after Moon Studios had kept its development secret to the light-up bracelet wearing crowd during Microsoft’s annual E3 press event. The game immediately generated buzz thanks to its glorious looking animated art and the curious but cuddly looking duo of Ori and his surrogate mother Naru. A general sense of wonder enveloped this mysterious game, which Moon Studios greatly enjoyed, and left gamers like myself yearning for a chance to take it for a spin once it released to the public. Moon Studios’ promise that it would offer laser-like platforming controls with retro inspired Metroidvania gameplay spoke to both new and old generations of gamers, while hoping the game’s artistic influences would make it an instant classic. After spending the past few days with Ori on his adventure to save his forest home of Nibel, I can assure you that Moon Studios has paid off on its promises."

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JCOLE131951171d ago

Another great score. Congrats to Moon Studios!

WCxAlchemist1171d ago

Its pretty safe to say Ori is a hit. Yet another Great title on Xbox

Toiletsteak1171d ago

This game is unbelievable, i was so excited to play it ever since i first saw it and, wow this game is better then i thought.

kingbain901171d ago

Xbox has another hit, the should make it a franchise

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