Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is already down to £11.55 on PC

Dealspwn writes: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood was announced out of nowhere last week as a downloadable prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order. The story will take our hero BJ Blazkowicz back to the year 1946 in an adventure that spans eight chapters and two interconnected stories, including an actual escape from... some castle or other. I can't remember exactly which one. Think it began with a "W".

Good news, but here's the great news: you can pre-order Wolfenstein: The Old Blood for just £11.55 on PC!

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Blues Cowboy1202d ago

That's ridiculous. Can't see it being much cheaper than that for a while.

bggriffiths1202d ago

Yeah, that's a sweet price. Surprised that the starting price is so low across all the formats tbh. Stoked that The Old Blood is even a thing!

2pacalypsenow1202d ago

Is this coming out on PS4 or PC only?

Blues Cowboy1202d ago


"Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play."

DefenderOfDoom21202d ago

I played Wolfenstein New Order on PS3 . Kinda glad that they are putting "Old Blood" on 8th gen consoles and PC only due to the fact i picked up a PS4 last December.