Can PS4's Graphics Look This Good? Blur Studio Gives us a Glimpse of the Future With Angel Stone

"A glimpse of what games in the future might look like."

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DarkOcelet1010d ago

Why not? The Order 1886 looks phenomenal on the PS4. I cant imagine how gorgeous the sequel will look like.

StillGray1010d ago

Assuming there is a sequel.

DarkZane1010d ago

I don't see why not, it sold incredibly well.

MasterCornholio1010d ago

It sold well enough. So there will be a sequel especially since the developers planned it as a trilogy.

Rimeskeem1010d ago

Every single arrow is pointing to yes

pivotplease1010d ago

Army of Two and Kane and Lynch had sequels. I feel like The Order definitely deserves one as well. Payday was a horrible game and then they had Payday 2 and it turned out to be pretty amazing albeit repetitive.

AngryTypingGuy1010d ago

I think there will be and I also think it will be much better than the original. With all of the criticisms of the original, I think Ready at Dawn had a better idea of what direction the franchise needs to go in.

TheTwelve1010d ago

There BETTER be a sequel with that *spoiler spoiler spoiler*

UKmilitia1010d ago

i hope there is because i really enjoyed the 1st one.

Blaze9291010d ago

@DarkZane numbers came out?

MrSec841010d ago

The game sold 600K copies in the 1st 24 hours, I think it'll sell a load, more than enough to make it worth Sony and RAD investing in a sequel.

The game's clearly been made to have a sequel with the kind of story it's got.

Man_Marmalade1010d ago

What does a sequel have to do with this?

BG115791010d ago

Why not? The game sold well. They have already a nice engine to use. It would be a waste of money not to do so.

PrinterMan1010d ago

There has GOT to be a sequel! The first game kind of dictated that there would be so if sales are decent then there should be one. I hope so as I loved the first one.

MysticStrummer1010d ago

Yeah there will be a sequel. I'm glad because I enjoyed the first one and I hope they don't bow to much to the people who want The Order to be just like other games we already have. I don't need or want Uncharted:1887 or Gears of the Order. It's ok to be different, game developers!

JWiLL5521010d ago

Head of RaD posted this on February 22:

"One more day of rest, then back to the grind... can't wait to return to my dark cave and get to work on "the future.""

Sequel is already being worked on :D

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Godmars2901010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

Thing is that the game was limited. Was more of a movie than a game.

I'd rather see something with more re-playability, more game features, than something that looks and plays out prettily.

DarkOcelet1010d ago

Make the replay value as awesome as RE4 or Dead Space 2 and Profit...

pivotplease1010d ago

Like another 2 hours added to the campaign, more gameplay compared to QTE and cutscenes, and some sturdy competitive multiplayer or co-op. That would be the ideal sequel.

IrisHeart1010d ago

Yeah I too wanted a pretty Gears clone...I'll get part 3 after suckers fund the first 2 incomplete games. Win-win for me.

die_fiend1010d ago

The people who made the Order said that there are games being made now that look much better than the Order graphically, so yes!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1010d ago


That looks like DMC meets Bayonetta.

1010d ago
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jim_panse1010d ago

your game can look like a diamond but if the rest is a turd its still a turd. not to say that every nice looking game will be bad but developers are more interested in making good looking games instead of making good games now a days

DarXyde1010d ago

If you're talking about The Order, you should know that Ready at Dawn are a passionate bunch.

I'm confident they'll take the criticisms into deep consideration.

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Timesplitter141010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

The author just found some CGI video and said "This is probably what games will look like". It's not even something Blur Studios said. He just pulled that statement out of his ass.

Why do people write articles like these?

If you want a true glimpse of the future of videogames, download Unreal Engine 4 and open the content examples. It's pretty mind-blowing

DarkOcelet1010d ago

I am so glad UE4 is free right now. I will definitely try create a game there. Maybe a simple platformer at first but maybe later if i get a good team, i might make the game of my dreams.

Timesplitter141010d ago

If you're just starting out, you may want to consider Unity 5 instead. It's much, MUCH easier to work with. The graphics capabilities aren't quite on par with UE4, but they're pretty close. Also there are no royalties

Just a suggestion

ninsigma1010d ago

I agree on Unity. It is such an easy and powerful tool. Does all the hard stuff for you so all you need to do is focus on your assets and how they work within the world.

DarkOcelet1010d ago

I will definitely give it a try :)

Tsar4ever011010d ago

I read the article, and then read some of the comments hear, and I'm like, I know people aren't STILL falling for CGI screen shots and assuming it's gameplay Crap! I mean just look it!? Are people here really that stupid!?

Pozzle1009d ago

And Angel Stone is being released on smartphones, so it's VERY unlikely that the gameplay will look like this.

Timesplitter141010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

(accidental double post)

corroios1010d ago

well the order works and its not broken. They didnt send out a game broken on Christmas just to get the money from us...

krypt19831010d ago

what game did u buy that was broke on xmas delusional fanboy, you was prolly one of the fanboys who bought the $150 collectors edition, man thats alot of money for a polished turd oh well at least you can eat it...

ninsigma1010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

Halo MCC, Drive club and Assassins Creed Unity come to mind.


And while I agree the collectors edition wasn't really worth the extra cost, people can spend their money however they want, no need to call them names for it.

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